Vertical TipTap


Im a big fan of your software, on of the most important item in my workflow.
However Im writing because there is an edgecase/workflow thats a bit inconvinient, and im sure it shouldnt be a huge thing to fix.

Im using the TipTap Left, and TipTap Right to switch between tabs. However having a small machine sometimes means that its rather a TipTap up/down. It would be awesome to either be able to configure an allowed degree of rotation, or an up/down variaton of these, so it would work consistently, regardless if Im reaching from the "bottom" of the touchpad, or if its from the right side. (Small thing to consider is that left handed people are probably accessing from the left side.)


Have you considered a 3 finger swipe left/right? This is intuitive, fast and reliable gesture to switch between tabs.

Thats already mapped to other things. Also the middle tiptap (my window close action) can’t be done that way.
Tiptapping is cool and fast, just need to hurt my arm sometimes to use