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Intuitively Functional Minimalism: AquaTouch.

AquaTouch is a BetterTouchTool preset that displays dynamic and informative custom macros in the TouchBar.
Its design achieves an intuitive quality through meticulously balancing function, information and layout. This approach results in a UI that allows for great functionality in the cleanest interface, all while staying instinctively easy and comfortable to use. (Even to the point that it can be muscle-memorised!)

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A careful balance of information.

Already Available information by the system like Clocks, Weather, Spotlight, Siri, and other controls like volume and brightness are not displayed because you can already access them easily with gestures or see them on the screen. This avoids duplicate controls or information and thus reduces clutter in the Touch Bar.

See the clock in the menubar, Hold command-space for Siri. Leave that as it is. Two, three and four finger Touch Bar gestures are used adjust volume, brightness and the keyboard backlight for sightless controls which free up more TouchBar space. They are much quicker and easier to reach, they do not require a look to adjust and are much more natural to control. They even have haptic feedback, you can literally feel every level the volume goes up.

No compromise on functionality

Many quality, complete sets of tools for many apps are now right under your fingertips, my favourites are Adobe Illustrator, OneNote and Stickies! These allow you to work_flow_, without ever mousing around for a particular button anymore. It's all right under your fingertips.

Even websites are supported, Quickly access chats, search for friends and switch between your timeline and other views in Facebook, watch YouTube without using the mouse or format your Google Document with ease, just to name a few.

Don't like the constantly changing TouchBar?

Although AquaTouch is a dynamic and adaptive preset, it is very carefully designed to be predictable, and puts you in control.

Its automatic elements are designed to avoid assuming what you want, they only change when there is no assumption that you need a new UI for what's on screen. Otherwise, options are presented that do not disrupt your current interface.

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AquaTouch only changes when you switch apps, just like the macOS menu bar at the top of the screen.

Unlike apple's stock UI, it doesn't change when you select objects or windows.
Instead of interruptions, buttons which can be tapped bring these object or tool specific layouts to view. You control what tools you bring up. When opened, these won't close on you, and they're always there for you to open up.

It's so predictable that I've managed to develop a muscle memory for each app! For example; When I switch to Caprine Messenger, the chat switch buttons show up as I remember and I just move my hand up to click them and switch to the latest chat. When I switch to Adobe Illustrator, I tap the 'Path Tools' group autonomously to bring up all my path tools in the TouchBar, and tap away at those anchor point tools as if I could feel them.

In contrast, Apple's implementation tries to guess what you want. As an example; automatically showing you options to change text formatting when you really just want to format the text box.

Why not take a look at the features I have so far below, or download to discover for yourself?


Visit the AquaTouch Layout Preview ➔

and counting...


:large_blue_circle: = Replacement Layout
A complete set that is capable of replacing the stock TouchBar, or when the stock TouchBar is blank

:white_circle: = Extension Layout
The stock TouchBar is the main interface for these apps, but AquaTouch adds more tools!

You never knew you needed it.


The AquaTouch Control Strip is a persistent toolbox that is always displayed on the right of the touch bar. It consists of four segments; Media Controls, Schedules, Controls and App Actions.

Web-Specific Interfaces.


With AquaTouch, you now have website specific UI!
Here's what I have so far:

More Sites and chrome support coming soon!

It's just natural.


No more sliders and buttons you can't feel and take forever to find.
Slide anywhere on the TouchBar to adjust what you always adjust, no looking needed.

Stay immersed, but also informed.


You want to be immersed by games, and Games want to be immersive.
The result: The menubar is hidden. It may be small, but it's annoying that you're not be able to check the time, and battery percentage isn't it?

The basis of AquaTouch.


Download AquaTouch

Visit the AquaTouch Download Page to Download! ➔


Stay up to date: Preset under active development

  • This Preset is under active development, so please suggest features and report any bugs!

  • Stay up to date and follow this thread as more features will come, and many design changes and refinements will be made.

  • If you like this preset, Share it and also hit the vote button up at the top!

  • I’d also appreciate some feedback and any improvements that I should make. Feedback keeps me in the know of what to add or fix up for the next versions, and i’m quite lost without it.

AQT Version Naming Scheme

  • b0.0.0 - indicates that it is a beta. Betas are stable enough to be used daily but may have some bugs and incomlpete features that might not work. It’s the cutting edge version that is quite experimental.
  • v0.0.0 indicates a final stable (afaik) build.
  • X.0.0 - indicates a major redesign in the way AQT works.
  • 0.X.0 - indicates new app support and new features
  • 0.0.X - indicates a bugfix/hotfix release that fixes reported bugs.

Support and Contribute!

Support AquaTouch:
If you have a bug report, feature request or if you have created something useful for AQT, you can now choose between the forums here or by submitting an issue at GitHub!

I'll also be loosely logging progress there so you can follow along as to what i'm up to.

Come join the discord for casual chats, sharing creations or talking with me!

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Many features and widgets of this preset would not be possible without the community! Here's a thank-you list to all the people who let me merge and improve their stuff to put into AQT, Check them out!

“Aqua” is apple’s name for the macOS design language. Much like Google Material Design, it has its principals too.

This is where AquaTouch name came from, as it seeks to flow with MacOS as much as possible!

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Whoa man, this looks great. As someone who spends half their life in Photoshop, this really catches my eyes.

In your experience, is this faster than using any of the photoshop shortcuts that already exist (or that you can map)? I built a bunch of Photoshop functionality as well, but I found that my KB shortcuts were faster to use.

EDIT: Also, how the heck did you make those longer "backgrounds" on your buttons??

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Can't wait to try this out! Do you have a link to your preset or is it still being prepared?

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Yes, very, else I wouldn’t have made it XD
e.g. I didnt make pages, numbers and keynote replacements becaus I found they worked quite well, and I made “extensions” for apps that need a litttle boost in functionality but work well with their naitves.

I found that the photoshop controls are quite clunky to use, so I made my own.
Of course, all this is based on what I use, so it hasn’t been tested for what everyone uses.

As my tb design principals state, I don’t introduce useless clutter. Keystrokes that can be remembered and that aren’t used a lot aren’t included.

I do include heavy use tools into the touchbar such as the move tool, so my hands don’t need to go everywhere when I use photoshop. The move tool button also sticks, or persists when hopping into other tool groups, stayig there while you need it.

Quite hard to explain the experience design into this unless it’s field tested by you, but before that I would like to iron it all out and remove my personal private preferences before shipping out a beta.

Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome, can't wait to test it out!

Also - I figured out how you did the icons with larger boxes. Clever :stuck_out_tongue:

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Help me add more functionality to BTT by heading over to feature requests and voting some cool suggestions!

eheh I kinda spam that forum...
I do want the ability to assign to spotlight though... quick launcher on spotlight... aaaahh

*those are not all posts from me. I sinply replied to them.

How do you manage to keep a group open when you change from one app to another and come back to the previous one?

Could you explain your situation more?

I am trying to do the same you're doing but for Lightroom, right now I have two groups, library and develop, and it's horrible when you switch for lets say chrome and go back to lightroom and your group is closed, did you find a way to manage that with the other adobe apps? or do you suggest something/another approach?

Keeping groups open while switching apps will soon be possible.


@yuuiko are you any closer to releasing a beta? Personally I really want to try out integrating this into my preset since I use Photoshop heavily... I'd even take an alpha, I bet I could figure things out from there. If you don't want it released, you could DM it to me?

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No, my preset does not have this functionality (at the moment)

I didn't seem to realise this as an issue, haha~
i guess it would be convenient if they stayed open

GoldenChaos (and eveybody else)
I'm quite busy with schoolwork so expect very long delays.

A glimpse on it's condition:
Currently I'm just refining up the buttons and layouts as some sections where done on a whim and are very messy. Also I still have my personal buttons and things in here so gotta remove those

After that i'd need to figure out how to package this all in a neat way, with clear instructions on how to install (3rd party scripts and extensions, e.g. the game mode monitoring, etc.)

so yeh, It still has a lot of crude stuff going on.

GoldenChaos, I'll try send an 'alhpa' or 'development' copy to you if i get it up to a sendable standard, but don't expect it to come soon as i'm quite busy



@yuuiko you target the window itself in a special way with applescript or you just use the keyboard shortcuts from Adobe, for example the [ or ] to increase the brush size

i'm not too literate in scripts, so scripts are currently minimal... I would like to get more scripts in and do fancy stuff, but yeh, i'd need to learn.

An issue is i did change a lot of settings within apps to get the TB actions to match up with the app's keystrokes, and I don't quite remember the defaults or how to get others to set the same thing.

I think it would be great if some community improvements could be made as I feel it lacks polish in some areas that I wouldn't know how to implement an improvement, so when I get something up I would appreciate some help. Also about this, I don't regularly use some of the pro apps so button suggestions are appreciated!

Also, I'm still getting used to the whole 'how BTT works'

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Just a heads up, I've (attempted to) upload the preset for use.

It's my first time uploading and I have a messy feeling about it all right now, but hopefully it is testable.

Thanks for your support!


Does anybody know how to make a group appear while spotlight is shown?

Is there a way to toggle BTT's 'show macOS controls' option via a button action? (for game mode)

I'm not too strong in code and applescript, by the way, but i have a basic understanding of it, and i'm open to expanding this understanding.

You can use the "Toggle BetterTouchTool Touch Bar" action and assign it to a keyboard shortcut or button :slight_smile:

It's currently not possible to detect spotlight (might be in the future)

I've tried this method, but getting it to close properly is quite a pain.

It won't disappear with cmd+space. I tried making a 'close spotlight' button within that menu, but it will open spotlight if the user closes it using cmd+space. In this preset it would be used for the quick launcher currently assigned to the finder, which is not optimal.

Also while you're reading this @Andreas_Hegenberg, Is there a way to toggle the 'macOS control strip' setting?
Maybe make a new 'set BTT setting' action.
This would be used for game mode.

Heads up, there's a huge update coming!

This update rids the left side 'X' while keeping the control strip, and integration Widgets from GoldenChaos-BTT! (thanks to @GoldenChaos!)

I've also done a heap of design tweaks and expanded on various apps. Here are only some of the many changes!

I'm still sifting through for bugs, also some of the new elements are still being integrated into all apps. I hope I can release it soon! I hope this preset will be helpful to you.

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New Features

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Hello @yuuiko, I'm on latest version of BTT and I've configured settings as described in Aqua Info, but nothing happens .. I'm only able to use gestures, but no buttons/icons appears on my bar .... Where am i wrong? :confused: Thanks

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