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Currently looking into the issues, though its proving to be a tricky fix with the changes in big sur. Stay informed about updates


Not sure how much that would benefit as you'd use your mouse to interact with things up there anyway. Might see if I can get most of its functionality directly in the Touch Bar.


In every app there is a "Control Strip Button" trigger, removing these and disabling the option you found in the settings should do the trick


Unfortunatley BetterTouchTool doesn't have such a feature to add localisation to presets, this would be a great idea for @Andreas_Hegenberg though it might be a big feature request. Currently to support different languages I'd need to release completely seperate presets.

That's done it, thanks!

just realized that the new alpha version of BTT allows you to set a trackpad gesture for the control center in Big sur. I'm currently using the M1 Macbook Pro and it seems as though their may be a bug regarding connecting the Airpods. When i press to connect the airpods pro on the touchbar the battery percent never shows and the "Airpods Pro Not Connected" shows even when the airpods connect

I haven't noticed this issue with web browsers recently, but I definitely am noticing it with media players. VLC, Spotify, and Music.app won't fully quit if I have AquaTouch expanded when I try. Instead they close all windows and the application hides itself.

Some further fixes have been made since the latest AquaTouch update, but I'm not sure if I got all of them. If it does come up note the specific group/touch bar screen that was open because that would be helpful

@yuuiko I'm testing out BTT for the first time and I really appreciate your AQT preset! I tried searching this forum but haven't found anything specific to help me so I thought I'd ask you directly. Is there any way to configure AQT to keep the QuickStrip widgets displayed until they are explicitly closed? What I'm trying to accomplish is that once I start up the Music app widget I want it to stay put and not go away when I switch apps. Only when I explicitly close the widget do I want the default behavior of displaying the app specific Touch Bar to resume. Is this even possible?

Just open the quickstrip and it should stay open. I intend the quickstrip to lock open but its a bit hard to get done in BTT so it may still close, but think I got it pretty good so far. Try it out and let me know if it works.

Unfortunately that's not working. The Music widget in the QuickStrip is open. But it goes away as soon as I switch apps. Hence my question.

If it closes, take note of which app you've just switched to. Seems good for me so far but I know sometimes it can close

I've switched between music, finder, telegram, discord, After Effects and Safari and so far it's stayed open

I'm not sure what the issue is for me. One thing noticed after installing BTT was that the Show Typing Suggestions feature was no longer available. So for apps like Safari, Mail, Messages, etc. that involve lots of typing I changed the Touch Bar Configuration selection to "Show App Default Touch Bar". I thought that might be the source of the issue so I then switched it to "Default (No Special Handling)". But that made no difference. Here's an example per your request ...

  1. I have Safari open and then press the Media button in the Quick Strip. It shows a Now Playing widget for Music.

  2. I press the Music button on the left which displays a very nice Music widget that has transport controls, shuffle/repeat options, album art, Love/Dislike options, etc. This is a very nice widget and is what I'm trying to get to stay put.

  3. I switch over to the Mail app. The app default Touch Bar displays instead of leaving the Music widget in place. Please note that this app is in a different macOS Desktop.

  4. I switch back to Safari. The AQT Touch Bar displays instead of leaving the Music widget in place.

In short, the Music widget never stays put for me. Which means there's very little point for me to use the preset if I constantly have to keep displaying it every time time I switch apps.

are you using the latest version? I went through your steps and it seems to be staying put for me. It could be your modifications to Touch Bar behaviour.

The steps were very helpful though, but its strange that its still happening for you.

It was supposedly improved in v3.6.1. Here was a preview I included in the changelog for that version:

I intend for it to stay open, so any help getting it more stable would be great

Is there a way to blow away AQT and start over?

should be able to just delete preset and reinstall, maybe try that and let me know how it goes?

Also check that you're running latest version of BTT and AQT.

I'm running the latest. BTT 3.553 and AQT 3.6.5. I deleted the preset and re-installed. The Music widget would stay put for about 5-10 minutes. Then it stopped and I made no configuration changes in the meantime. The only customizations I made previously were to have these 2 buttons show up on every AQT Touch Bar. And I also added a button to bring up Reader view in Safari. They seemed to survive the re-install process. Could that be the issue?

EDIT: Oddly enough it started working again when I switched to the Music app itself then went back to Safari. After that when I brought up the Music widget it stayed put again when switching apps.

@yuuiko On a completely different topic ... I'm probably never going to use the Quick Schedules and Quick Apps buttons in the Quick Strip. Is there anyway to disable them? Better yet, is there any way to replace them with buttons for Screenshot and Show Desktop ?

You can find the groups they open here:

or you can replace the actual buttons here,
though it is to note there are multiple identical copies of these within groups / apps that you probably need to find and replace too.

Feature request: make the tab switcher in Chrome cycle through tabs when held down just like in Safari

I think I have a good idea how to re-purpose two of those buttons based on your last reply. That being said the Music widget was working as expected yesterday. All of a sudden today the album art is nowhere to be found. Rebooting and even re-installing AQT made no difference. And unfortunately I have no idea where the settings that control this feature are.

I'll ask my community if they are experiencing the same issue, might me something to do with apple music streaming and big sur changes.

(i don't have apple music right now and my trial was exhausted after i used it for development in big sur beta)

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I decided to try out @GoldenChaos today and I noticed that Album Art isn't displaying in that one either. I'm running Big Sur 11.2 (20D64). Hope this helps!