🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

am I the only one who can't get the preview application Touch Bar working?
it wont recognise file formats because it searches in the window name and it for some reason doesn't contain the file format

same here..i thought it was just because it couldn't recognise pdf's, but apparently not...

@Dressi @Future_Face I had to turn on the "show all filename extensions" in Finder preferences for the preview app to reliably recognize pdf's. Hope this helps


ahh, thank you!!!

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Bug/Unwanted thing
flagged emails come up on the touchbar as unread emails

Hello. The aquatouch touchbar is not working with chrome. For exemple, in Gmail, I always get the basic appearance of the touchbar. That's ok with safari. Is there anything I should do ? Thanks a lot

the temperature widget is returning 0 degrees, which is incorrect. it is also saying its currently night time, when its midday.

Netflix widget is not showing for Google Chrome

Please add support for websites opened in Microsoft Edge for Mac (there are some users like me who use Chromium-based Edge on mac)

i also have this question..

hello bro,can u tell me how to slove the problem,because i fix it by the pictures but it still dosen't work..T_T appreciate!!

hello aquatouch, i'd like to know how to change default music player iTunes to Spotify when i minimize control strip! thanks!

Hi @yuuiko, could you share a updated Discord invite please ? The old one is expired it seems

It seems to still work... Try again?

Yes works now, I dunno why it did not work yesterday

I think discord had some server issues yesterday, probably why.

Sorry! I missed your comment

Thats a macOS System button, i'm not able to change how that one works

so thats it , thanks bro

Hello everybody. When I open the YouTube tab I see a button to open a group of YouTube buttons. where is the script that checks if the YouTube tab is open to display the button?

There's a lot going on to make that happen

Take a look at the script within the WebCtrl - Safari Handler. This relays the current URL to but
Then, a bunch of conditional activation groups use that URL to adjust behaviour.

Within the widget, there are scripts to save the open/closed state so it is able to automatically re-open when switching tabs or apps.