๐Ÿ†• [v3.6.9] AquaTouch โ€“ The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.


Thanks for your attention,
Hope it can be fixed soon!


Thats good info. I probably need to handle these a different way then because I imagine everyone would have incompatible versions
(probably with more conditional activation groups again)


Haha, alright
Do note that itโ€™s conditional activation groups currently break on import (as far as i know) So 80% of it is broken. Hope itโ€™s fixed soon!

New link posted, the merging Conditional Activation Group problem should be fixed for now.

@Andreas_Hegenberg has confirmed it is a bug with the upload site, so a direct link has been posted for now.

If anyone has downloaded the preset before this message, please delete your copy and try again

I've found some bugs in v2-0-0, however my update is still in a checking stage so I'll get this out a bit sooner than now.

@Dom, @GoldenChaos, Appreciating any feedback!


Hei @yuuiko , how are you? I'm using your preset from 10 min and ... it's blowing my mind! When I saw your preview months ago I understood it was something really unbelievable but this is even better :raised_hands: .

At the moment I noticed only few "bugs":

  1. Photoshop works really well, but Illlustrator not and in AE everything disappear from the bar (screenshots below)

  1. I noticed there aren't a emoji and a screenshot button that sometimes are useful! (I linked below a screenshot of my touchbar preset where they're always there, because people often chat with friends or send screenshot/video to colleagues about work progresses ... Maybe could it help you!)

Thanks in advance for your incredible work :smiley:

@edit: I tell you only these things because apart from them it works really well and it's so smart

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Version 2-0-1 will include an experimental handling of Adobe Apps, so please stay tuned till then to tell me if they work. (I canโ€™t check this myself, as Iโ€™d need to see if they work on your versions)

Will also include layout and format improvements to the Connectivity Actions in Widget View,

B, I, U, S, H buttons in onenote light up to the corresponding type-cursored format in OneNote

Small improvements and fixes to widgets, layouts and other stuff. (I forgot the rest :stuck_out_tongue: )
Anyway, Thanks so much for your feedback! Latley iโ€™ve been feeling kind of lost without any replies so seeing some feedback is refreshing!

Iโ€™ll see to a way to implement your suggestions, Iโ€™m thinking to put them into the control strip but there are so many copies of the โ€˜fakeCSโ€™ that Iโ€™m not sure how to make it easy for users to switch out... I have a feeling @GoldenChaos would know..:thinking:

For screenshots, I instead use โŒ˜โ‡ง4 HEAVILY (like about 20 per day, sometimes more), so this is why I did not think of a touchbar button. I guess some people prefer a button though. A button does exist if you click the < chevron for more options.

Great to have feedback!

Edit: I would like to know why the gesture bar is not showing because it is meant to when the app is unsupported.

Could you send me the names of your adobe apps that are displayed in the dock? (hover over the app and send me the exact name with caps e.g. Adobe Illustrator CC 2018?)
also, any app suggestions for me to add?

@yuuiko oh! I'm really exited about what will be include in version 2.0.1!! In my opinion your preset shouldn't become too much complex or complete because the main reason I love it and maybe other people may agree with me it's because it is smart and simple to use and to discover icons/widgets.

  1. Yeah I'm used to use a lot โŒ˜โ‡ง4 me too and for this reason i set capture screenshot/video on my touchbar everywhere (because if I've to search them in some menu, maybe it's more intuitive to use keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Here you are my adobe apps used names

  3. Instead of add more apps in my opinion its more better to implement widget or settings like do not disturb mode because a lot of people who use their laptop to work like me, are used to use keyboard shortcuts in apps like photoshop, ecc ecc instead of searching for some icons in touchbar menu (yeah, touchbar it's born for this reason but at this time a lot of people use it for "stupid things" like emoji man ... It's sad, I know it) So I think you should focus on smart things that could help people during the day (i've set on my bar a coffee cup icon to shutdown my screen when I'd a break for example ahah)

@edit I'm so sorry for my bad english (damn it, i'm a fucking italian ..) because I would help you more ... I'm here for anything because I'm a great fan of your project and maybe it is the only one I would use (I'm a designer me too (a motion designer in my case!) and I'm in love with it because it's the only one so good organized) instead of my basic preset ^^

Thanks for your advice! I agree with this because well yeh, keyboard shortcuts exist.
The main aim here is to include buttons that are hard to keeb, or take heaps of mouse movement to activate. There's a reason why I didn't include ALL the buttons that we can possibly see into the TouchBar.

But really though, I can't live without this illustrator view:

what where their keyboard shortcuts again?
P, Shift -, Shift +, Shift C, A, ...It's like gymnastics. :upside_down_face: just look at where they're located on the keyboard, seriously.

  1. yes, I'd prefer keyboard shortcuts but I would also like to implement some customisability settings like GC-BTT is doing right now, sometime in the near future.

  2. Thanks for the names, I'll see what I can do.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'm inspired. I guess this new perspective of how people use the bar will improve what I add and what I don't. Note: Try using Hot Corners in 'Desktop' System Preferences to sleep :wink:, A flick and you can sleep your laptop

Don't worry about your english, I can understand it so it's good enough. It's great to have feedback and help from you! Thanks for your encouragement!
and wow that's cool! feedback from a professional motion designer (you) would be very helpful as well. As for me i'm still in high school so, well not yet there yet.

Oh, Just one thing, How's your experience with the widget view?

Oh I've never thought about using hot corners for that option ... I'm feeling stupid :man_facepalming: ...

Widget view it's perfect, but BT icon seems not to work (video below)


  1. ESC button always present is useless, but is it possible to add a dynamic button to exit from video? (safari, or fullscreen app)

  2. Can you add few more pixels to distance email button from BTT icon? (this is really a stupid request but ... we're designers :joy: ...


P.S. If you were able to create this preset when you're still at high school think about what you'll can do in the future!

lol, it's handy. I use the bottom right corner for sleeping, and its nice to flick it off!
Maybe I'll add a 'yyuuiko's Recommendations' info panel showing off some of the 'nice life' things I use

Edit: 0. Hmm, I don't know why the bluetooth isn't working for you. I didn't write this widget so I'm not too sure how it works, and it seems like it's working fine for me.

  1. What did you mean by the ESC button, and a dynamic button?
  2. I guess so, but since they appear and disappear I'll need to be creative with this.

yeah i gues~... Most of them came from GC-BTT, then are edited to fit my preset with improvements here and there. I did make some such as the soundcloud and IINA(which doesn't work all that well at the moment) based on his work. Permission Asked and Granted!

  1. I'm sorry if they've other names or if they're already present!..

@Dom, This app is safari?

@yuuiko yep this is safari!

Not too sure how much more useful an โ€œexit full screenโ€ button would be, since most apps that have that function already have it in their native touch bar...and plus itโ€™s basically an esc button that just looks different. Where do you think this button should be seen in the prrset?

Nonono maybe you misunderstood me sorry :sweat_smile: .. I think having one of them it's the same! I tell you this thing because for example when using safari full screen video there aren't either of them and because of adobe apps don't work I don't know if you've added it there!

Iโ€™m kind of understanding it, But I guess Iโ€™m still unsure. Do you mind writing me a detailed description of your idea? Such as,

[What will it do when operated?]
[How do you operate it?]
[How and Where does it appear? (e.g. when a full screen video is playing, it appears on the left side etc.]


New Features

โ”€ Stability Improvements to Calendar and Reminders Widgets

โ”€ Improvements to connectivity options.

  • Mute microphone, Do Not Disturb and Dark Theme toggles added.

  • Buttons now have a subtle background:

  • Expanded controls have a new navy color:

โ”€ New (experimental) handling of Adobe apps that should activate on all versions.

โ”€ I got Spotify (sigh) just to see and improve the Spotify widget. Appreciate it!

  • Spotify and iTunes Paused: (does anyone have a neater idea to distinguish?)

  • Spotify Playing:

  • Like iTunes, the play button within the Spotify widget now controls Spotify directly and does not confuse with other media players.

  • Formatting and layout improvements.

โ”€ Holdable buttons are now noted with a small dot

โ”€ B , I , U, S, H buttons in OneNote light up to the corresponding text selection

โ”€ Stickies Style Toggles now indicate their state like OneNote. (exciting to play with)

โ”€ Auto-Setup button has been polished and does itโ€™s job smoother. Itโ€™s notifications and restart now work properly.

โ”€ Various other small visual and stability improvements, bug fixes.

@Dom, @GoldenChaos, @Andreas_Hegenberg, you may be interested!


Hei @yuuiko! I'm sorry if I'm disappeared but I was a little busy at work ...


Everything works great in ver. 2.1.0 .. even all Adobe apps! (Oh my gosh I love how you customize Adobe After effects app!! :heart_eyes:)

I noticed only few "bugs":

  1. When I launch spotify it has a strange behavior on safari (or maybe on all browsers, I don't know it) (video below)


  1. Play button on the right it's locked on "play" and doesn't change on "pause".

  1. Is it possibile to add an emoji button on safari and Whatsapp? A lot of time it's useful to have it when you've to write!


Thanks again!

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  1. Spotify widget looks better if you color it with its green color to be more recognisable from itunes and others ... Don't you think it? :smiley:
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Thanks for your snappy feedback!

  1. This seems to be another instance of a ghost modifier button. I posted this to bug reports but that post seems to have lost attention.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, Do you mind if you took a look again? Itโ€™s getting quite bizzare now that this widget is doing it globally now.

  1. Iโ€™m having trouble with this issue as well. For what I know, the code should be working fine as I didnโ€™t change much, only itโ€™s outputs. These buttons are from GC-BTT and edited to not disappear when no media is playing. Maybe my edit went wrong, but funnily enough if i switch to GC-BTT then back to AQT it all works fine untill the next wake from sleep. Weird.

@GoldenChaos, If you have some time it would be a great help if you could review my code changes!


  1. Sure thing! That seems like a good idea.
    I see an extension type layout for safari (and maybe more browsers. see this type of layout in TextEdit and Calculator) and possibly a full support layout similar to messenger for Whatsapp!

Extra Reply:
I did think of that, but I wanted all of the media widgets to be blue as this is visually grouped and relative to the others. Green might be taken up by a work-in-progress-need-to-learn โ€˜current callsโ€™ set of widgets

Note for @Andreas_Hegenberg :
Iโ€™m having trouble with โ€œTouch Bar Behaviourโ€, their settings donโ€™t seem to stick over exporting, similar to the recently fixed (I heard) โ€œAlways Run When Visibleโ€ applescript widget issue.

whew, that was a heap for a post written on mobile.. Iโ€™m off to sleep now I guess, iโ€™ll get back to you all tomorrow!

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Oh nearly forgot,

@Dom, I donโ€™t use AfterEffects much and when I do, Iโ€™m a noob at it so do you have any feedback/suggestions as a (Iโ€™m guessing-) more experienced user?

@yuuiko I think you did a great job on AE profile, and the only command you could add it's the shy button (it's useful when you've a lot of layer and you want hide some of them to have a clearer and organized layer panel)

The only problem is that by default no keyboard shortcut is linked to it, so I don't know if you could add it or not .... But yeah, beyond that I think it's near perfect! (simple, but every widget you've added it's useful)

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