🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

Thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it. I get it now, the whole full versus extension thing. That makes sense. Only thing is I feel the native iTunes set isn’t functional.

As for you taking my advice and updating it though, awesome news! Wow. Thank you very much for that, can’t wait to try it out!

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Hi there!

Sorry for the delays @everyone!

I got swamped with a massive pile of schoolwork (final year.. yay..) so AQT may come later than you expect. My list of to-dos for AQT are shrinking though, and I'll be postponing extra Safari Widget support (Google Sheets, Google Slides, Outlook for Web) in favour for an earlier release date.

My Need To-Do list right now:

So, in summary, Sorry for the wait!! I'm soo busyy!

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Guys, after using AquaTouch it completely wiped out my "default" touch bar, so I have virtually nothing there: an esc button on the left, and media button on the right with a small arrow next to it.

How do I reset and return to my default touch bar?

Hi @foratera!

I think you’ve pressed the ‘minimise control strip’ button in the setup instructions. Sounds like that. AQT shouldn’t change any of your system settings unless you choose to do so, but I guess you accidently clicked the button or something.

To revert your control strip, head to:
system preferences > Keyboard > Customise Touch Bar...

Then drag in the default set or whatever you please.

Sorry for the unclear instructions! I’ve had a friend who also had trouble installing so i’ll do my best to fix that up in the next update~

Firstly, amazing bit of work. Really enjoying using it not overwhelming and useful.

Was just wondering how to keep the gestures global? I find using the finger gestures for volume and brightness really helpful, but they don't work when I use Safari or Spotify for instance how do I get this to work? Sorry if noobish on been answered before ( I did search)

Hi @Akshay_Morzeria, Glad you're enjoying it

Unfortunatley BTT Can't affect anything outside of it's little container, so gestures are limited to when BTT is open in the touchbar. I wish I was able to globally adjust gestures too, but due to system limitations it isn't possible for an app to sense it outside of it's bar.

I did contact @Andreas_Hegenberg about this and he said there was a way, but it was way too inefficient and sucked up too much power... you wouldn't want that

Approacing: release of 3.4.0!


All that's left is to update the usage documentation!

* Gasp * there’s a huge changelog.

I feel that the “extension set” and “full set” terminology is kind of confusing people here in this forum, so I’ve decided to name them “extension set” and “replacement Set” now.

I'll also slowly change 'Control Strip' to 'AquaTouch strip'

AQT Version Naming Scheme

  • b0.0.0 - indicates that it is a beta. Betas are stable enough to be used daily but may have some bugs and incomlpete features that might not work. It’s the cutting edge version that is quite experimental.
  • v0.0.0 indicates a final stable (afaik) build.
  • X.0.0 - indicates a major redesign in the way AQT works.
  • 0.X.0 - indicates new app support and new features
  • 0.0.X - indicates a bugfix/hotfix release that fixes reported bugs.



@Dom, @Ikzy, @Caliguvara, @ErmakOFF1990ya, @Keno_Thourakhome, @franklins


I like your preset very much, great job!
Few things I'd like to note: the esc button is still cut off for me when I'm in any of the aquatouch controls and sometimes I see a long horizontal line with no options and after clicking that line I start seeing default app options.

Using BTT version 2.725 on 15" MBP.

After changing these settings, the esc looks normal now (align text center and apply corner radius to all edges).

Hi @simplypro!

Escape Key

This is by design! The edgy escape key is designed this way to get the key closer to the left side of the touch bar.

It tries to replicate the original non-touchbar escape key which is in that position.

Try seeing your touchbar screen like a bezelless display!

If you don’t like this, you can change it to the ‘normal’ design.
Open the BetterTouchTool window then tap the “AQT Settings” button in the touch bar. You should find the setting at the end.

Long Bar

This long bar indicates that the app that isn’t supported by AQT.

It allows you to use the gesture controls even on unsupprted apps. (especially if you removed the macOS volume and brightness controls (like me))

Tapping the bar lets you quickly exit to the app’s original controls.

I suggest you read the “Using Aquatouch” in the touchBar at the BTT window!

Woah! I'm getting the hang of it more and more and the new 'using aqua touch' is great! it feels smooth so far (20 minutes of use now)

I noticed a few version ago already: the Direct import to BTT does not work for me. It downloads, and restarts but doesn't install the new version. I cannot activate it manually either.. it works perfect if I download and double click the file though.. (maybe Andreas should look at his)

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Do you have an example link that doesn't work?

Not sure. I havent experienced this myself as I have never used that button

Does the current link do this?

the current aqua touch does that, but the previous did it also.. I don't know if there's an error log or where to look for it.


Does this issue occur on current link?

yes! it does

One day ... one fuc**** day I didn't check the forum and you release a new update :joy: ...

Joking apart, I LOVE this new update @yuuiko because it's full of new interesting things and there's no battery drain! I discover few little bugs that I think you can fix in a short time:

  1. On the new spotify widget when I try to change the song minute that's happen

1.1 Always on spotify the back and next buttons instead of going on previous or next page, they zoomed the interface

1.2 the pause button looks compressed ... is it a choice?



2 On safari app when I open emoji button it appears this annoying glitch in the left corner

2.1 Always on safari app when I open gmail site, it doesn't appear gmail extension

P.S. I think i've to tell you I've set your safari preset as permanent, but the 2.1 bug appears also with the default settings!

I'm so sorry if I always discover and tell you these stupid things but I really want your preset to become perfect (so maybe Apple one day will contact you and :joy:...)


Hi @Dom!!

A very lengthy reply for Dom

Glad to see you're a real fan of AQT XD

1 - Misalignment

This seems to be because of the mail widget being so large. Try turning it off for now. I'll disable notification badges for width-sensitive layouts. Thanks for that!

1.1 - Incorrect Action

It seems to be working for me??
Could you check your keyboard shortcuts??

1.2(?) - Pause/Play Button

The workings behind that have been changed but unfortunatley I can't adjust the icon that much. It's actually a now playing widget instead of an applescript widget now. I changed it to this because the old button, although it looks nicer, never changed its icon properly, and Andreas just added an icon only function recently so that works for now. Dynamic Play/Pause button Widget

2 - Emojis

Same as 1. Try disabling that mail notificaiton badge XD (lots of spam I see. I should default it to off)

2.1 (?) - Gmail

:thinking::thinking::thinking: No idea. Will test it out. Are the other sites working?

No problems with your comments! I really want this to be perfect too, and I want to make it as smooth as possible. I really enjoy reading your feedback! like, a lot!

Could I ask you some things too?

  1. How is the new style of safari widget back buttons? Is it a bit confusing?

  2. Is it good that the DND, Dark Mode and Micrphone Mute toggles in the AQT 'Controls' Strip start off striped? It makes them take longer to switch icons and increases lag...

  3. I'm concerned about new users who get recommended AQT but have no idea what BTT is and how it works. It may be confusing for them so I'd just like to ask if everything is easy to use and understand.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your reply

Speaking of future, my plans are:

Next Update:
Focusing on visual improvements primarily (the spacing around the notification badges especially. SO uneven), junk cleaning (theres lots of unused or old inactive triggers everywhere), and just overall making it smoother, more stable, fixing mistakes and completing half-complete stuff.

Though this won't come anytime soon because I've been really busy with school at the moment. So I'll probably pause the AQT project for now unless some urgent bug appears....

Far Future:
In the far future I want to set myself an advertising project and making an animated ad for it to post on youtube, and maybe ask some youtubers to review it. but it NEEDS to be perfect before this can happen XD

If you want apple to notice then share sharee! let us put into perspective how much you can do with the touchbar if used *properly*.

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Hi yuuiko!

First of all, AQT is great. Thanks for working on it.

I found a strange bug that happens once in a while with Spotify depending on which song is playing. I think someone mentioned this previously in the thread.
The json seems to appear instead of the parsed info.

EDIT: It looks like it might be because the song contains quotation marks, so it messes up the parsing.

EDIT: I successfully fixed it using this code:

set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "\\""
set textItems to every text item of nowPlaying
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "\\\\\\""
set nowPlaying to textItems as string
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""

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