🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

I too am having the very same issue. Also on 3.6.8

There is a lot of bugs with the latest version. Is it still under development or is it dead? E.g when using Netflix it says I need to tick off "Show develop menu in menu bar", I do that, but nothing more happens.. Stuck on that text. Any ideas?

@maxnl @ckdastur
Try disable update notifications for now while i try find some time to look into it


With the phase-out of the touchbar I'm set to prioritise developing my code skill so I can make actual real apps.

Aquatouch will still be around and I'll try to maintain it, but it will become a maintainence only thing.

Currently struggling to find some time to work on it, but will definitley want to have it at least working decently.

Netflix has probably changed their UI which is why we're seeing some elements not reading properly. I'll need to subscribe to netflix to fix that up

Just quite tight on time and energy at the moment!

Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't even think to check and see if I could disable the notifications – it was super easy to do.
No worries about the issue, I'm subscribed to this topic so I'll see any updates in my email. I appreciate all your efforts on AuqaTouch!

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How do I support Things 3 on the touchpad?

If you think you're able to add in a things 3 in yourself, try look into the AquaTouch manual. There's instructions there about how to get started with adding your own app.

Otherwise, I'll need to look into Things 3 myself, which might take some time.

I'll try to look. in the GoldenChaos template, they have notifications from things 3. But I could not copy them to myself in AquaTouch.

Please do in the next version the support of the program tnings 3. To remind from time to time that there are things to do for today. Thank you

Hey @yuuiko
I'm one of these longtimelisteners without an account due to laziness.
I just wanted to say thank you bro. Your work is crazy and since I discovered AT my touchbar got some sense ;). There is so much potential in that and I'm glad that you could find your way to that. Thank you.

But lately I face a problem very often. I'm not sure if its cause of my Zoom-Preferences or if its just bound wrong. But the unmute/mute-Button in Zoom is not working and as I looked in BTT it was bound to the wrong shortcut. In my opinion it should be binden to ⌘D and as I changed that it worked. But that was just a minor mistake (probably as I said on my side). Now the Idea I had was, that it would be cool to get a feedback or to have dynamic mute/unmute and camera buttons. So that if I'm muted the sign would show "unmute" and if I'm unmuted the sign would be "mute".

This was just a minor change I would appreciate to see in a future release.

Thank you for your work I'm looking forward to see more from you. (btw I'm looking to this from more of a programmer-view than from a designers)

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Anyways, here in this version we have a bunch of stability improvements. It's great to see the Bluetooth widgets working again, as well as Night Shift and True Tone buttons. Various other things that have been broken for a while have also been fixed, check out the changelog below!

Thank you so much for your suport so far, and I hope you continue to enjoy AquaTouch!!


Download on the AQT Updates and Downloads Thread ➔


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Yes! Fusion360!

What's the status of this?!?!

I was trying to create some kind of setup myself, but started getting a little frustrated and thought "well maybe someone has already created a template"! This was the first thread I found with any mention of Fusion360.

i don't have the program to mess about with nor the knowledge to use it sssoo i cant do much to make one but if you wanted to make an extension for it for aquatouch then feel free and i might be able to help out

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hmmm, I'd love to, but I don't have the coding know-how or the time sssoo :weary::sweat_smile:

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this is exactly how i feel down to the last character ahahaha

editing btt shouldn't be hard tho, once you setup adding the app (its in the AQT manual), all u do is hit "add button" then "add action" then tell it what keyboard shortcut it is

lemme kno if u wanna give it a try

Well I'm not sure it's so easy because it involves the movement of the fingers over time. I know the functionality is there in some capacity because you can control the swiping of Spaces & Windows linearly, but what I'm needing is the app to track fingers moving in two different directions and translating those movements into zooming and rotating. I don't see how that's a standard configuration in BTT, but maybe I'm not getting into the settings enough.

Hello, thank you for the amazing touchbar update!
Enjoying this one the most after a couple attempts with others, especially the button-free two/three finger sliders. Brilliant idea!
I just have one question, how do I disable the Power User Finder on finder?
I think it disabled zooming in and out in the Finder window using trackpad.

Thank you!

Hello how do i get rit of AquaTouch?
I tried deleting bettertouchtool and reinstalling it but now my global buttons no longer showing up.
Please help.

AquaTouch is just a preset. You can disable it by clicking the preset button on the top right:

If you in general want to disable all BetterTouchTool Touch Bar functionality, click the "Touch Bar Settings" button and disable it there.

I have a problem with the notification badges. They seem to persist for much longer than usual and most of the time keep popping up with "1" in the badge even though the notifications have already been read (seen for Messages, Whatsapp, Discord, Mail, etc.). Also when going into the settings, the buttons keep jumping around and glitching for some reason.

If there's any way this could be fixed from my end I would really appreciate it!

Also when going into the settings, the buttons keep jumping around and glitching for some reason.

Yep, same here!