🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.


Maybe I'm the only one, but play/pause button doesn't work :\ ...

P.S. Battery drain disappears after I've tried your original version and vlc problem too (with 2.2.1 version)!!

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Your’e saying these right?

Play/Pause buttons

Battery Drain
VLC Wars

I didn’t change any code in the play/pause, just a variable name and some “enters”. I really don’t know why it’s just not working. It seems like it can’t find the BTT variables?

If you know how to applescript could you also try to return one/both of the BTT variables? I usually get a missing value...:thinking:

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(Have you tried to ask to other developers in this forum how they fix this bug in their preset? It's so strange this "stupid" bug is causing all this problem :confused: ...)

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Help Asked:

@yuuiko I noticed in ver. 2.2.1 there's a little blank space on the right (only when you're on "blue btt button" :thinking: ..)

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This is the notification spacer that seems to have gone misplaced...

BTT doesn’t handle conditional activation groups aligned to the right securely. I guess i’ll change how it works though.

How’s Conditional Activation Groups - Adding instead of replacing going?

help requested:


@Andreas_Hegenberg has recieved the request for help and is supposedly making a new 'Dynamic Play Button Widget' that will replace all current buttons once it comes.

Not much changes recently.

Added PhotoBooth:

Added Emoji picker to Stickies. (the additional button makes it a bit cramped. Need to refine)

I'm experimenting the way that the FakeControlStrip is handled. My version of AQT is quite a mess right now. I'm also focusing more on osu! Skinning as that's on high demand.

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I'm working on a new version of AQT, one that's more static like GoldenChaos, but still allows for app-specific controls if you want.

It works quite well, but I need to work on merging all the apps from AQT into this one.


The control strip has turned into four persistent buttons. These switch the mode:

  • Media Mode: Contains media widgets and buttons
  • Schedule Mode: Check the date/time, weather and your upcoming events.
  • Control Mode: System controls and connectivity
  • Apps Mode: Open Applications and Quick Launcher

The new escape key also looks great! It looks bugged here, but on the actual touchbar, it's balanced with the touchbar's left bezel which creates a nice little looking escape key. I don't have my camera on my right now so i'll edit in a picture soon. It makes the left side of the touch bar look bezelless which is cool

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Woah I'm very excited to try it soon!!

(Hope it will maintains its organized structure because it's the main power of your preset :upside_down_face:)

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yes, it DEFINITLEY will. (ugh, mess) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Come help test AquaTouch v3!

AquaTouch-v3_Test.bttpreset (20.4 MB)

This is a work in progress, There are MANY rough edges.

The help window has not been updated to the new control strip, so here's the tips:

Together, the four icons displayed on the right side is called the control strip. It consists of four buttons and can be tapped to open a specific view:

Play - Tap to open Media Control Mode - Now Playing apps will stack and appear here. Control your media playback from here.

Calendar - Tap to open Schedule Mode - see upcoming events and reminders, as well as the date, time and weather.

Switches - Tap to open system controls and toggles. The connectivity palette is also here.

Apps - Tap to reveal currently open apps on the left side, and quickly launch apps on the right side.

Additionally, you can hold most of the control strip icons to do an action.
Play - Play/Pause currently playing media without opening any UI

Calendar - Open Notification Center

Switches - Nothing, at the moment. (any suggestions?)

Apps - Close the BTT / AQT touchbar, reveal system touch bar.

I hope this version is usable and of decent quality. I'm aware of many bugs, but if you encounter any then please mention so!

@Dom might be interested.

I'm waited this moment for a while :heart_eyes:

Let me say what I discovered in few minutes man!

Is it normal Esc button animation is cutted when you press it?


On my desktop BTT is disabled by default and I've this showed

  1. Althought I removed old Aqua releases, on Safari I still have old play green button

This evening I'll wipe my mac to update it to mojave, so I'll try your preset again!!

P.S. Thank you so much for your hard work @yuuiko If I'm using touchbar after a while is only thank to you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Dom!

Thanks for your quick reply!

  1. Edgy Escape
    The escape key is cut off when pressed because this is where the TouchBar screen ends. I decided to try to hide this left space, by positioning the 'esc' icon to the very edge. The result looks like a well placed and balanced escape key, and also gives the rest of the touch bar more space. See Images below:




I quite like it, do you?

  1. Nothing showing on desktop
    Yes, the old widget view is now moved to the control strip entirley, so just tap that from any app instead. It goes blank because it actually activates the Finder TouchBar automatically. Click a folder and you can see the menus show up. Customise from Finder Menu Bar > View > Customise Touch Bar...

  2. Bugs
    Yes, this is not a 'Finished' release. It's just out for testers, like you. Some elements have not been fully converted to the new UI so you may see some bugs like this. I think they appear within folders and apps that are made as extensions, I haven't cleared them out just yet.

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Oopsie! Thanks a lot for your explanation @yuuiko!

  1. Yeah I like it a lot! My doubt was about the cutted animation but at this time I think it can't be done anything about it :thinking: ..

  2. Maybe it's a bug, but I saw it a lot of time even on older Aqua version: your preset appears next to Apple touchbar widgets

3b) Do u think it's a good idea to apply aptic feedback when you raise up and down volume/brightness? .. Sometimes when you're at uni/work/etc.. it sounds a little bit annoying ... Do you agree with me?

  1. Edgy Escape
    Yep. Even if I could disable the highlight I don’t think I would. The visual feedback is needed else we wouldn’t know that it was pressed. To me its like a notch on a phone, the full button is there but it’s just behind the black section.

  2. System Mixup
    This is a bug that has been discussed with @Andreas_Hegenberg over at: App Specific TouchBar 'Show Default App Bar' issue with macOS Control Strip
    I hope you can get it fixed soon, @Andreas_Hegenberg! (nudge nudge)

  3. Haptics
    I’ve set my copy to haptic everything, maybe you should try it out as I forgot to mention to set this up, and I havent updated the setup script to set this.

    That aside, that is a circumstance I do agree with, and I might make this an option that can be toggled, with the setting defaulted off. e.g. “Enable Haptics” in some settings window.

Another Thing I’d like to ask:
Do you think that the Controls view (the switches) and the Apps view are a bit too cramped/messy? I don’t want to remove any toggles but I also don’t want to add an additional switch (like the current, old AQT) as it would be annoying to always switch them.

Any ideas or is the current the best we can think of?

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  1. Yeah I think it could be better if it's disabled by default and can be turned on in every moment if you want it!

First of all it's not annoying to switch from one to another toggle and the apps view is not messy (at the first I had few doubts about it but yeah, now it's a loooot better compared to the previous Aqua releases because everything you need is there on the right and it's more stable and intuitive!).

Unfortunately the system mixup problem it's really annoying so it's difficult to enjoy your preset a lot during the day :confused:

Yep, I do agree. Starting to feel it's annoyances.

With the "Cramped and Messy" issue, i was talking about:

These views have a lot going on compared to the other views.

No man! In my opinion it's ok because yeah, although it seems to be a little bit messy, in only 4 button you have EVERYTHING and they're organized in a really good way!

P.S. Keep going straight ahead because this new release that is as static as still allows for app-specific controls it's a masterpiece, so I hope I can try new releases very soon!! :smiley:.

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Oh, I don't think this is very static anymore as before, the currently open app icon shows for the current app which you could open it's controls.

Manually opening the app = stating, not dynamic. That design changed to this, so I won't be doing that anymore.

But I do agree now there's something static to anchor on and always be there for you to use. I think that's the main reason why i'm not competing with other "static, unchanging for every app" presets - The widget view was too confusing and change-ey to operate.

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Great job, looks great!

Since the calendar / reminder events are no longer on the main container, I've made a small tweak to the calendar button on the right side to become red when an event/reminder is detected, to let the user tap in to view those events/reminders.

This is what it looks like when a reminder is detected:


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