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Is it possible to edit the event1 to show not an event that is currently going on, but always the real 'next' event. Not the one that is happening right now'?

Does event 2 work as you expect? If so it may be possible to shift all of them forward one event to get your desired effect?

During work, I check my upcomming task/event almost every 15 minutes. Therefore, I would like to place a "next event text widget" on my global bar.

It is 12:15
Event A 11:45 to 12:30
Event B 12:45 to 13:30
Event C 13:45 to 14:30
Problem: The event 1 button: event A is showed because it is currently happening. However, I only want to display the 'next' event (B).

Your solution (event 2) work only in some cases.
If it is 12:15, it displays event B (YES! :D)
If it is 12:35, it displays event C (because it goes 1 event further).

So to conclude, I want to display the first upcoming event that has a later start time than the current time. Hope this example makes it clear ^^

So, If no events are happening it will skip the next event because it’s based on the second upcoming event?

I’ll see what I can do, but this one is one of the harder ones to solve. Thanks for the suggestion!

As for implementation, I think I’ll change the outside script (the one you press to get to the ten events) to this but keep the ten events the same.

Widget Behaviour: Next Event Sheduled
Inside Wgt 1: Closest Event to Now
Inside Wgt 2: 2nd closest event to Now
Inside Wgt 3: etc...

Yep that's correct! It is indeed harder to solve :frowning:

That could be a good solution. Or maybe a widget that compares the current time/date with the start time of a calender event. If the startering time/date is earlier than the current one, skip one event.

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Hi All, Just a quick update here cuz i'm excited...

@ErmakOFF1990ya, @GoldenChaos, @Ikzy, @Dom

iTunes Widget - New Features

1st: Refined Layout for the main section:

2nd: Tapping the song name brings you to the time scrubber.
You can also tap the left and right time numbers to skip forward/back 15s

3rd: You may notice a new volume widget to the left, tap to adjust the iTunes' App Volume

4th: All this group switching makes getting back out to the app controls a bit hard, as you need to close so many groups. Therefore you can hold any close button to quickly close the whole CS and get back to the app controls.

Thanks a heap to @ErmakOFF1990ya for the scripts, which i've neatened up! Original Post Here:

@Ikzy, blue is back :wink:


yyuuiko very cool, thanks
there is a small problem, perhaps when run one of the scripts, when exit itunes, it starts up again.
I hope you could fix it

Just took a look, and the issue does occur to me as well. Thanks for the pickup!

You seemed to have missed a:
if application "iTunes" is running
on your volume scripts, so I've inserted that just then. It's still re-opening itself though so I'll need to look at it a bit more, then i'll come back with an edit.

Seems l just missed patching up one script. Seems to be quitting stably now!

Can I translate this preset? Is that posible?

Sure, I guess..

I'll give you a Private Message as there would be a few things to sort out if you want to do that! Take a look into your inbox.

Edit: Your profile is hidden, so I can't mail you. Would you mind opening that up? or would you rather continue this here (or on a new thread?)

I have unhidden my profile. So you can send me a pm.

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Hey, @Andreas_Hegenberg, Could I request for a seperate section in the preset sharing category much like GoldenChaos? I feel that I'll need a better system soon as the userbase is growing to manage feature requests, provide a comment-free update page, and I may need to have posts in other languages.


Sure, I have created it for you. I can update the category image if you provide a little one you'd like to have.

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I'll think of something to put there. Kimi No Na Wa is good for now :wink:

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg,

I've crafted an icon for that category, but I'm not too sure about it's balance and spacing. Oh well, it'll do I guess, My eyes say no but my mind (and my rulers) say yes :?


Hello yyuuiko,

Long time lurker here but first time posting. After discovering BTT, I've tried every preset on this website and found yours to be best suitable for me. I finally created an account so I can express my gratitude and show you some appreciation on your work. Also, thank you too the BTT creator for revolutionizing the Touch Bar. As a huge music fanatic & singer, I mostly utilize the media control center and expanded more on the Spotify widget. After some customization, I just wanted to show you how I expanded more with the Spotify controls and if you wanted to implement any ideas I borrowed from other people on this site.

When expanding spotty now playing widget, I added a lyrics bar I found from another member on this site and as well as a playlist button. When pushing the playlist button (which is the block logo), it randomly switches to another playlist I set up. If you press and hold the playlist button, it opens up my playlist selection I created on Spotify.

For someone who listens to music 24/7, this function is very very useful for me. It allows me to control my Spotify without having the software displayed on my screen.

So again, thank you thank you thank you for all your work. I've never studied or know anything about coding, but I bought some books to learn python thanks to BTT.

PS: I customized a lot on the color/design to better please my eye, I'm not sure if this is offensive to the programming/coding world. So please excuse my lack of internet mannerism.

Hai @Keno_Thourakhome!

Your changes look great! If you don't mind, I'd really like to have a copy of it so I could see it in action! (pretty interested in that playlist stuff you got there!)

I'm glad you're enjoying AQT too, comments like yours are really encouraging! Thanks for the feedback.
I've been looking to know how well AQT is fitting other people's workflows and, well yours was original and interesting to read through.

A new version is coming soon, I'm just sorting out a few issues with it and implementing the last run of features. Where you aware that I teased some new iTunes controls above? I'd like your say about it!
(It has also been adapted for spotify since that post.)

And no, I don't see customising the colours and design offensive to the programming, I'm more into the design more than the programming anyway, I did start this with zero applescript experience after all :smile:

My favorite thing about your preset is how you didn't sacrifice the macOS OEM controls.

Yes I saw it. The time scrubber & like/dislike button is awesome. That would be useful since I always rewind songs when practicing and memorizing lyrics. When I find the time, I wanna figure out how to add those functions to Spotify as well since its my main music player. The iTunes tab is awesome too distinguish which music program is running(instead of an x button).

What I'm really excited for in your next update is how you'll implement the 1keyboard app. I use this app to control all my apple products in the house (Apple TV & iPad) and having a touchbar button would be very convenient.

Heres a copy of my present for the Spotify controls.
KenoAquaTouch-b3.3.1.bttpreset (26.9 MB)

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Hey, do you already have an idea how this can be done? :smiley: