🆕 [v3.6.9] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

I've been using this a few weeks now and love it. I'm on b3.0.2 and tweaked a lot of minor fixes like esc keys and changing the close bar to how I liked it. So unfortunately not sure how much it matches to recent changes, but it's been amazing.

I also don't use Safari so I transferred some of Safari's buttons to Chrome instead. I also created web widgets for what I use like Gmail (see screenshot below) and Drive. I also added Slack as well as custom bars for Spotify and Finder.

Overall this has been super helpful and I appreciate all the work you did! Thank you @yuuiko!

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Thanks for the pickup, will fix soon. I suggest you try v3 for now, it may be a little unstable but from how the comments have held up vs the amount of downloads, it seems to be holding up pretty well stability wise. Also, the massive heap of new features makes the small bugs here and there (mostly cosmetic gimmicks) worth the tradeoff.


Wow, Sounds great! There are some things I could use from your description..
Would it be ok if you send a copy of the preset with your edits? I'd like to see if I could merge them in!

I'm especially interested in:
• everything you listed right there.

p.s. try the newest version, I don't know if drive was already included in 3.0.2 but i do have it here in 3.3.1 (version number format changed). Also the close/open for extension type sets have been improved! (see the changelog)

Sent you a message @yuuiko with my files. Also downloaded 3.3.1 like you said. I think I'll have to customize it again if I want to use it just because of my personal preferences. I like them all to be like full sets basically, but I'll leave it on a little just in case I'm not used to it.

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hey @yuuiko I have a slight problem with the gamemode preset? when I try to press alt for it to come up i instead get the check for updates/feedback page instead of the gamemode preset?
And when I have both of them active the time I get for for the gamemode preset is about 9 hours off

@thunderheaddope (i'm assuming you're using v3)

GameMode via Option

I've had many issues with modifier based stuff so i'm just going to not use the option key to bring it up. You can instead just click it in the v3 apps menu.

Time is off

The timezone for that widget may be set to my timezone so try looking into that and changing it into yours.
I've changed it's setting to 'System Time Zone' for future relases, Thanks for the pickup!

Hello, I changed the touchbar a bit in itunes, made a seek tab by pressing current song, the player’s volume slider, as well as the pause and transition button between songs through the fade. Question to the developers - how to remove aqt bar in itunes btt settings,in the mediacontrolmodу also made the same functions there is displayed without an act bar, that is considered to be a group


Whoa, i’ve been wanting to implement this for. a while now, and also, Purple! that actually looks good!

I’m a bit confused as to what you meant in the post, but basically you added an itunes - specific volume control and song track scrubber and are having a few layout issues.

Would you mind exporting and sending your version over to me? I’d like to take a look, neaten it up and merge to the official version!

I have an idea about how to make these controls a bit neater so i’d love it if you send it over so I could take a look and test my ideas!


Sorry for my absence and inactivity latley, I’ve been really busy with homework with a trip coming up soon.

There are also still some bugs with the latest alpha BTT which can’t hold AQT together and isn’t usable quality.
I’m really using super super new features in the latest release to add the CS to every group and app while only keeping one copy of it. The features that allow this are still really new and buggy at the moment. (it deletes whatever i’ve set thus breaking the CS entirley, so nawt good here)

Will investigate and add a heap of new app support soon. Outlook, Slack, this new iTunes scrubber and many more.

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Huh are you sure you are on the latest BTT (2.689)? I have been using the latest one with conditional activation groups for quite a while now and it seemed to be very stable here.

Of course there are no problems, there are some more json that I pulled out from other presets, for example, when you long press the volume, a menu opens, and the vol+ icon displays the system volume

This is a subgroup that was originally transferred by tap back itunes

sorry for my english)) spasibo google))

p.s. I would like about the same integration to spotify

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oh, my version alpha 2.689 (995)


I’ve had a few issues with the TouchBar Group conditions being saved, they kept disappearing and being deleted. I’m not sure if it still occurs now, Since i’d need to redo everything I did to test it and I’ve been pretty busy latley and away from my laptop. Will investigate soon and get back.


Thanks for the preset! I’ll take a look sowmtime soon and see how I could neaten it up. You did a great job, I’m just saying that I have an idea that could be neater.

I’ll also see how I could do the same for spotify!

@yyukio, ok! For testing you can create a backup of the three relevant database files in ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool:


In case anything breaks you can restore that (maybe you can even restore a previous version just by renaming the previous three files to the new version name & build)

that looks nice! I'm not a big fan of the purple and color palette but an option for choosing a different palette could be a really cool feature @yuuiko

edit: I just got this request btw:

what script is trying to access it and why?

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Changing colours would be pretty minor and quite hard to implement, and its also mainly cosmetic soo this would be cool but probably unlikley. I’ll keep sticking to selecting colours based on what function they represent (yes I do this if you didn’t notice, e.g. inserting is always orange and document controls are usually that red-pink)

as to that request, I dont remember writing anything that accesses contacts. Maybe its something related to the calendar widget but deny it for now. Maybe a bug will show up if that is denied helping us delete that line of code! (maybe from a merged widget written by someone else)

fair enough, I hardly seen most of the custom apps, because I don't do a lot of design work nowadays. :slight_smile: If any it's raw adjustments in Lightroom.

about the contact request; a reboot later icalbuddy made the request as well so I'm presuming it's somewhere calendar related.. I denied both and so far no problems :slight_smile:

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ooh! a new workflow! Most of the people giving me feedback are from the design kinda industry, so I’m kind of excited for feedback from a new perspective.
If you don’t mind, are the AQT apps sufficient? Do you have any app suggestions you think many people would use?

calendar / contacts issue:
interesting, ill go check the schedule widgets for contacts requests

Just reorganised and refined the top post.

I'd like feedback, are the 'show more' buttons to much of a bother to click or is it good and all?

My main aim was to reduce the overwhelming walls of text to make it more inviting to new users.

haha, well I do carpentry now, and sketch most by hand so my basic workflow is quotes and billing.. I use the microsoft office suite for that which have decent Touch Bar controls, but are a bit slow.

Safari: the OSX Touch Bar switching to BTT is still buggy sometimes with removing the basic bar.. but I guess that's BTT's alpha's fase.

Fantastical: I would love support for my favourite calendar.

Little snitch: have default auto Allow / Deny (on your settings, mine are forever)... would really love: Allow / deny until quit buttons or a submenu where you can chose the different time options (forever, until quit, once, for x minutes).

Further I love the cleanliness over goldenhaos's bar.. that's why I use yours :slight_smile: keep it up, the design principles are great and you should stick to those!..

onto your post: The more buttons are great, but aim on first time users: they need pictures install instructions, more pics and a short list of supported apps (35+ apps to me is clickbait, your selling point is the versatility across apps,(pics pics pics) instead of the number you support. the question about rating as well as voting for the thread or donating should be moved to the AQT Touch Bar welcome / help pages because those are your actual users, it's confusing and uninteresting for first time visitors

talking about donating, I'm gonna throw a beer your way now :slight_smile:

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That sounds great!

Safari: This is a known issue with apps set to hide BTT bar and show macOS touchbar. The BTT bar may not always close automatically. @Andreas_Hegenberg

Fantastical: This is a popular app so i might get it and see what it's all about!

Little snitch: I'm not sure which function you're referring to.. Could you specify and rephrase?

Thanks for the feedback!! appreciate it a lot. Great feedback about the post too, I'll see what i can do. Unfortunatley I can't really post the voting/rating within AQT, it maybe posibble if I ask for a subforum like GoldenChaos's but otherwise I'm not sure with it being up there.

I also plan to make the post much more visual but visuals take aaages to make so it's not up yet. Been planned for a long time though

Thanks for all your feedback! I really appreciate stuff like this.

(Wow! Thanks for the donation too! I think I'm a bit young for beer though :wink: )

I took the liberty of make all the same two sliders on the page unsupport apps, well, here it is convenient for anyone, it seems to me not to use gestures in all cases