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Well, when I use the word crash, it means AQT is crashing, and the original TB comes back.

For Chrome, I am talking about the left panel when you have the Apps Menu open. The Left Panel shows the active apps, and so if I go on Chrome from there, it crashs.

Ah, in that case AQT is not crashing rather it's closing to let you use the native touchbar sets.

I'm unfamiliar with chrome since I rarely use it, so could you maybe attach a screenshot of the menu that is giving you problems? I'd really like to fix it!

Also, I'd like to know from my previous comment:


Ok, I can understand that sometimes it goes back to the Original TB, the thing is, if that happens, pressing the BTT button won't bring AQT back...

Here is the screenshot

As it will be easier, here is the screenshot of the menu I am talking about concerning Spotify

So if I press the closing button, it will crash AQT.

Also, I noticed that sometimes the bar disappear for "no reason", what I mean is I don't really pay attention to what I am doing that could make it crash... I don't have the feeling to make anything wrong, but then the AQT is gone and I am back on the original TB... Is that a common issue ?

  1. You have entered quit mode (you can see the orange 'tap to quit' label on the left side of your screenshot.) Quit mode is activated by holding command, and allows you to quit apps easily. This may be the reason why you're seeing chrome 'crash', it's actually the quit mode quitting the app. Instead, if you want to use the app switcher, just tap the apps while you see:

    Of course, if you still have problems then keep giving me details!

  2. Ah the widget. I did look into it and I found that that specific x button is not wired up properly. I've fixed this and will release the fix with b3.3.0.

Some apps cause AQT to automatically close to make way for the app's native TouchBar. I need to know very specific details for this one (e.g. What where you doing the moment that it closed unexpectedly, what did the bar show right before it closed? What app did you switch to, etc.) to determine if it was a designed close or a bugged close.

Thanks for your persistence!


Yes it's because to take the TB screenshot I need to hold Shift + Command + 6, but when it crashes it's not because I am on Quit Mode.

Ok, I will try to pay attention to what I did haha Because honestly I don't even notice it, it's when I need the TB again that I realize that AQT has disappear and that the Native TB is back. I will try to determinate in which cases this is happening.

Thanks again for the time and efforts you are putting in this project :wink:

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Thanks for your consideration!

Hi All, Specifically, @Dom, @onaforeignshore, @pauxus, @Simon_Defarge, @iAmWaldo.

My to-do list is massive so i'd just like to ask you guys if you could spot anything I missed, if you wouldn't mind.

Show me the list


smooth updating

:warning:loading icon for Control Mode mic and dark mode for AQTS

Help Popups
:warning:Add: Preferences
:warning:Update Setup Popups
:warning: add tip to install iStats

Settings (the one displayed in the touch bar):
:arrow_down: Compatibility Mode


  • Desktop switching in window snapping
  • Browsers to use full type sets?
    :white_check_mark: Blender Word Mode
  • Seamless Updating


  • Preference based escape key not working in CS
  • PiP button in youtube, skip ad (WiP, HELP! )
  • DnD / Bluetooth icons not switching


  • merge - New Outlook Support
  • merge - Web Widgets now support other browsers. He’s implemented it in a combined way, but i think for the merge i’ll need to make seperate CAGrps because of layout differences.
  • merge - New Webmail Web Widgets

:x:[cant fix] pressing control in any app will crash AT ?
:x:[cant reproduce] touching Chrome in the "Active Apps Menu" will crash AT ?

• Hide notification badges when DND is on

:white_check_mark: small step haptic does not respond to the haptic switch
:white_check_mark: add new rule to haptic operators: if not 0

  • esc key does not change style within presets. Need to update them to the widget
    :white_check_mark: Setup/Welcome bar does not appear on setapp BTT.

—————Cancelled Changes
:x: [too gimicky] On Click Desktop Setting:

  • Show Finder
  • Show Now Playing
  • Show Shedule

:arrow_down: blocky preview icons

—————CHANGELOG b3.3.0 (so far)

Version Numbers are reformatted. b3.3.0
b0.0.0 - 'beta' (experimental, cutting-edge build. May be usable but might not be stable)
v0.0.0 - 'version' (stable afaik, officially released)
X.0.0 - Radical Change
0.X.0 - New App Support
0.0.X - Bugfix / Layout refinements only

Netflix Now Playing widget

  • thanks to @iAmWaldo!
  • Calling All Users! I don’t have a netflix so I need some feedback on it’s performance.

YouTube Now Playing Widget

  • Now supports returning “Paused/Video Ended”
  • tap to play/pause YouTube without switching to it’s window.

Google Chrome is now a full set.

  • Retains most features from it’s native set
  • Added Features:
  • Tab Switching
  • Back/Forward buttons
  • Open Windows: Bookmark, Downloads, History, Reopen last closed, home.


  • added ’Top’, ‘Side’, ‘Front’ Labels
  • Fixed duplicate ‘blender’ and ‘Blender’ app group


  • Spotify NP widget closes the control strip instead of returning to the now playing widgets - fixed
  • The spacing for Notification Bubbles have been fixed and refined.
  • FB ’Notificaitons’ spelling error
  • Setup and welcome should appear on Setapp BTT.
  • Digital Colour/Color tool has been merged into one group

Looks like quite a list. Thanks for your great work, BTW.

What I just noticed:

In Firefox, the Sidebar Buttons (Download and History) do not seem to work (they simply do nothing).



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Hey, a few questions,

Is there a way to stop Chrome from defaulting to native app's touchbar and keep using BTT?

I notice that you can hold Option and select Enter Game Mode, but when I do that it just disable AquaTouch and doesn't activate game mode.

Also for chrome, this is what shown if you open AquaTouch for Chrome:

It's messy and I'm not sure how to fix it, on top of that you can't scroll over to see the other widget thing (so you can only tap on play to open music widget).

In fact now that I tried it, it the same for a fair amount of app:

You can't scroll the widget selection thing and there are 2 close button.

I wasn't able to reproduce it but sometime there are like weird buttons show behind the esc buttons too (it's like the ESC button lay on top of other one)

i'm using b3.0.2


Hi @jacquelinett,


There are two types of layouts in AQT:

Default Set: The TouchBar layout provided by the app developers
Full Set: These always show for you and replace default sets. They do not hide to allow you to use the app's default set.
Extension Set: These focus on the default set provided by app developers. They provide additional actions but isn't intended to always-show. It's more like a quick actions popup.

In the next update b3.3.0, Chrome will be updated to be a 'full set', meaning a replacement UI. It doesn't close anymore and stays on for you to use.
You can see a preview of it here:

For now though, you can just right-click and select this:

That Bug

This is a known issue that is a bug from BTT. See this thread for details, but TLDR i'm just waiting for the fix to be released.

@yuuiko hank you so much!

I just have 1 last question,

I'm not sure how do I set up game mode, I have both preset downloaded, but when I switch back and forth from Option -> Enable Game Mode or the other way around, it seem like BTT just disable both AQT and AQT Game Mode.

I see a potential bug here, what way are you trying to call GameMode? - please be specific e.g. from what app menu so I can pin down the cause. Thanks!


Hmm, oddly enough I can't seem to press (and hold) Option and pick Game Mode anymore, which is really odd. I swear I could do it last night.

How would you switch to game mode without going to BTT and manually enable gamemode /disable BTT and vice versa?

Thank you

That’s odd....

I usually switch to gamemode via the control strip apps menu on v3, although i do admit it’s a feature I rarley use myself and it hasn’t been updated for a long time.

I entirley forgot that there where other ways of getting the gamemode button to show up (e.g. your ‘hold option’) so maybe those methods aren’t updated for v3.

Try using the buttion in the apps menu and see how that goes.

This is great! Two things, in your v3 beta, the prerequisite terminal fan controls installs for Game Mode won't install on Mojave. Also is there an easy way to swap all shortcuts for Safari to Chrome?

Thanks for your work!

hi @Hazer,

Could you please provide more detail on the fan controls issue? I'm running mojave and it seems to operate fine, though I didn't initially install it on mojave.

Chrome is having an overhaul in the next version. I don't aim to bring safari widgets to other browsers in the next version, as my list is quite busy, but maybe in the next version.

Thanks for your support!

Notice for Everyone using AquaTouch v3

@Andreas_Hegenberg has rolled out some much awaited BTT features that i've been longing to implement into AQT.
These features will add further quality improvements and bug fixes, but will require you to update using BTT's Alpha release stream.
BTT's alpha versions are also still in testing phase so it may add a bit more bugs. AQTv3 is also in testing phase too, so I guess we could all come together to help Andreas solve any bugs with the new features. More people = more tests!

The final version of AQTv3 will only be released when these new BTT features are released in it's stable release.

Has the True Tone toggle issue been addressed somehow?

We're working on it here:

*nice gif* (top post)

AQT b3.3.0 Update! (17 Dec 2018)

Not much new features, but AQT is now MUCH more smoother to operate. I collaborated and discussed various BTT features and refinements with @Andreas_Hegenberg, funnily enough; to get BTT to support AQT. Though there might still be some bugs with the new feature, I can definitley say that AQT is way more fluid and stable due to his new changes. Head to the 'Quality Improvements' to see a list of these improvements.

This update requires you to update BTT to v2.667 to update! Enable 'Update to Alpha Builds' in the BTT Advanced Settings.

Visit the Top Post to update!

AQT Version Naming Scheme Changed.

  • b0.0.0 - indicates that it is a beta. Betas are stable enough to be used daily but may have some bugs and incomlpete features that might not work. It’s the cutting edge version that is quite experimental.
  • v0.0.0 indicates a final stable (afaik) build.
  • X.0.0 - indicates a major redesign in the way AQT works.
  • 0.X.0 - indicates new app support and new features
  • 0.0.X - indicates a bugfix/hotfix release that fixes reported bugs.

Netflix Now Playing widget

  • thanks to @iAmWaldo!
  • Calling All Users! I don’t have a netflix so I need some feedback on it’s performance.

YouTube Now Playing Widget

  • Now supports returning “Paused/Video Ended” (@iAmWaldo again!)
  • Tap to play/pause YouTube directly without switching to it’s window. (very useful)

Youtube Safari Widget

  • New ’Skip Ad’ button (WiP, extremely buggy)

Google Chrome is now a full set. (@jacquelinett)

  • Retains most features from it’s native set
  • Added Features:
  • Tab Switching
  • Back/Forward buttons
  • ‘Window’ button with: Bookmark, Downloads, History, Reopen Last Closed and Home.


  • added ’Top’, ‘Side’, ‘Front’ Labels (kind of messy imo, will clean up next version) (@kalmdown)
  • Fixed duplicate ‘blender’ and ‘Blender’ app group

Quality Improvements (requires the new features in BTT alpha v2.667, thanks to @Andreas_Hegenberg!)

  • Notification widgets react to DND. They won't show up when you enable DND, but will come back no problem when you switch off DND. (@GoldenChaos)
  • AQT logo is now in the control strip. It changes based on the type of set. (new BTT Alpha feature - buggy)
    Full on: Full Set - 07%20pm
    Arrow: Extension set - 57%20pm
    Grey: No Support (gesture bar) - 24%20pm
  • Refined the ‘close btt bar’ cosmetics for extension sets.
  • New Play Button Handling. Doesn't look so refined at the moment but it works better than the previous applescript iteration. (new BTT Alpha feature - may not be stable)
  • The setup window now has a window bezel. You can now move it around, minimise, etc. (new BTT Alpha feature - may not be stable)
  • AQT should not open mixed with the macOS Control Strip anymore (new BTT Alpha feature - buggy) (@Dom)
  • Notification Badges, Control Strip and Escape keys shouldn’t get misplaced anymore with the addition of BTT's new 'Display Order' function.
  • Control Strip Highlighting is now visible when the CS is open.


  • Setup and welcome should appear on BTT’s Setapp Version now. (@pauxus)
  • Spotify NP widget closed the entire control strip instead of returning to the now playing widgets - fixed (@Simon_Defarge)
  • The spacing for Notification Bubbles have been fixed and refined. (mostly)
  • Facebook Safari Widget - ’Notificaitons’ spelling error fixed (pauxus)
  • Small Step Gesture Haptics didn’t respond to the haptics switch - Fixed
  • Bug Fixes with Haptics Settings and the AQT Haptics Engine
  • Digital Colour/Color tool has been merged into one group
  • Do Not Disturb Display Fixed. (Was it a Mojave error? not sure. But it works for me now.)


  • @Dom Escape keys in the CS will be fixed soon. I plan to redo how it updates it’s look.
  • Smooth Updating is coming soon.
  • Outlook Support to be merged from @onaforeignshore


let me first say thanks for your hard work! I'm just a few months on BTT and switched 2 weeks ago from GoldenChaos to your 3.2.beta .. took me a few days to get used to but the separate app controls are really nice! ..

just updated to 3.3 and aside better switching between apple nav and BTT nav a lot indeed has improved.

couple things I noticed right away:

In safari on a non-custom website (with restore last closed / ready later emoji) there are 2 escape keys next to each other.. and the (X) left or restore last closed is redundant with the new collapse button (>) on the main AQT interface (edit: Just noticed this also happens in my mail app )

I don't have school at 8.15 nor have math excercise 2C coming up in my calendar :wink:

Play pause button works with Netflix (safari) in now playing. it says " no supported apps playing currently" though and because I play it in safari i would expect a safari > button next to the safari toolbar.

that's it for now!

thanks again!

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