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So these disappear when reloading the page?

@yuuiko I decided to tinker with the 3.6.0 beta v2 and noticed the same YouTube duration error was present when videos were longer than 1 hour and contained several zeros - as well as depending on where the zero was. Think I got it working…. Since there are several places where β€˜duration’ is used, I included a screenshot of where I was tinkering because in some widget spots the set str to, is "/ --:--" and others it's merely, "--:--"

In any case, script link below. I listen to a lot of long videos and it's always missing numbers. LOL. Hopefully I'm not over complicating it - the code isn't very pretty but it works in every duration scenario I throw at it.

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Hello all!

I've been using AquaTouch and love the experience so far.
However, I believe I have discovered what I consider to be a bug:

If I have the AquaTouch toolbar open/expanded while using Chrome, if I try to quit Chrome I notice that it automatically relaunches. If I close/minimize the AquaTouch toolbar first, this relaunching does not happen.

I'm happy to do additional troubleshooting if necessary, but I'm not really sure where to start.

Edited to add: I'm using AquaTouch 3.5.8a, BTT 3.389, MacOS 10.15.5. 15" MacBook Pro

Will check it out! thanks!
Edit: Works well and implemented!

Web Controls have been completely re-written in an upcoming update. Planned release on Monday, it's currently going through beta over at my discord!

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Welcome to AquaTouch v3.6.

New Features that turn it up to 11.

Overhauled Stability

Greatly Improved Performance

Behaviour Changes


You want to download this now.

Download on the Updates and Downloads Page! βž”

Thank you for checking out AquaTouch!

Please do give feedback and suggestions over at AQT's thread!

Welcome to join my discord for casual chats, more responsive preset help, sharing creations or just talking with me!

Support Yuuiko

I really did spend 9 to 5 for two weeks to get this going. I hope you feel my passion for design!

Any support helps me get all that life stuff out of the way, allowing me to put my time into my passion of creating great things for you, and everyone else!

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Hey Yuuiko! It feels a lot more stable as it was, THANK YOU!

So far, I encouter 1 bug, that's really unfortunate for me - when i open Favourites tab in Safari, my Touchbar looks like this:

It is supposed to show my list of favourites website with icons. The last version worked as expected. Is there a way to fix this on my side?

Again, thank you so much for this update, really appreciated.

Hey yuuiko,

Looks great!
Could it be possible to support Safari Technology Preview? It may be much to ask, I've wanted to request that for a while...

Keep up your hard and good work!

edit: I've edited all your entries I could find in the settings to replace Safari by Safari Technology Preview, seems to work... ?

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@chutnacik @starkninja

Will look into it though I'll have a break from dev for a bit ahaha, thanks for the report!

Try this in the meantime, though it won't get it to hide for the favourites bar

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After updating to 3.6, getting this message every time I minimize any window on the computer by double-clicking:

Any ideas?

Oops! looks like I left this in here

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wow, this is freaking amazing. almost tempted to stop using my own preset :joy: (almost). needless to say, ill be downloading stuff and scavenging... that bluetooth thing looks amazing!!! and the fact that you listen to Conro seals it all together (not really). AMAZING!! thanks for all your hard work on this!!

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now, PLEASEEEEE make a preset for Logic Pro X :joy:

and something for netflix.com would be cool too. Im currently making a touchbar for it. ill comment the download link when im done if you want.

oh and my modifier keys aren't working to bring up other things like the quickstrip

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Thank you so much!!
Unfortunately logic would cost me uhh, $999 I believe. unless I use some other methods. Either way doesn't it have a pretty good default? And plus I have no idea how audio workflows work ahaha

Netflix would be awesome! Hmu with whatever you get working!

(oh I also have a discord, might be a good place to share and comment)

ok. also, my beats battery is showing 800% instead of just 8%... bug?

Much bug, and might be a tricky one to fix as I don't have beats

It's optional, but do you mind if we continue over at discord? If you've never used it before, you can access it even without signing up!

Otherwise, I don't mind discussing over forum PM here

Hey, I just got the new version - thanks for the update!

One question - is there a way to turn of haptic feedback fully? It seems I have turned both options in config but sliding the volume/brightness/backlight still has feedback. I'd like to have none if possible, how could I do that?

ima be honest
I have strict parents who don't like me having discord...so that can't happen. we can talk over iMessage or email if u want?

Under the 'All Apps' section, you can click on all the sliding gestures, and you'll see a named trigger called 'Gesture Haptic Style'. Just go through all the sliding gestures and delete the named trigger.

I actually managed to turn it off via the quick access settings from the touchbar itself. It was pretty easy but i had to enable it and disable it again.

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