[v3.6.8] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

Sorry! I should have been more descriptive.

Basically only the resize and PiP button seem to work. Play/Pause, seek bar don't work.

Meanwhile, I also noticed the mute button for Zoom doesn't seem to work either.

I'm on the latest version 3.5.6 on Catalina.
Hope that helps!
Let me know if you need anything else.

edit: this screenshot has been taken while a YT video was open and playing.

yes are there any buttons to easily toggle between window snapping? I thought there was some in the Quickcontrols section for the expanded widgets

Just downloaded the new version and saw this feature added -- thanks!

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Have you allowed Javascript from Apple Events?

In the touchbar so far, no. I found it a little counterintuitive or cluttering if it was in there, but I may make an option for it if I can make a good design.

Hi, that was the culprit! I will keep it off for now though.

Thank you!

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Hello. I recently began to use btt and your preset. I loved it. When my trial is over I will subscribe using your link.
But I have 3 problems:
1- When I click AirPods button, It says airpods widget could not find your AirPods.(it is AirPods pro, for 1 day I used GoldenChaos presets, It worked for connecting AirPods Pro)
2- There is no Touch Bar options I can use in soundcloud while accessing it through safari. Safari works on YouTube but not soundcloud for me, how can I fix these?
3- Is there any Touch Bar controls for Preview App? When I use preview it shows the original controls.
Maybe all of my problems are happening because I don't understand btt much. If you answer, it would be so cool.

Hi @jurzaft!

AirPods and wireless widgets are very outdated and is a focus in the next update. Try hold the widget to set your airpods name again, and beware of the two different apostrophes ’ and '.

For soundcloud you should be seeing the following:

What are you seeing instead? (βŒ˜β‡§6 to screenshot the touchbar)
(to return to safari controls, tap the blue "SoundCloud" to the right.

Preview is supported by AquaTouch, you might need to open the BTT bar by pressing the AQT icon in the control strip:

I renamed my AirPods Pro to only letters, but it is not connecting still.
And this is my Touch Bar, when it's playing on SoundCloud, nothing shows up. I turned on YouTube and Spotify to show they are working.
![Touch Bar Shot 2020-0

SoundCloud is a confirmed bug, thanks for bringing it up. It seems to only work if the soundcloud tab is the first tab.

Might be an AirPods Pro issue, but I will try fix the whole system for the next update.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

It appears when it's on first tab, however nothing happens if I tap it.
Thanks for all your help. I'm waiting for update then. I'm buying license for btt from your link in a minute*. Thanks for great work.
*yep I did it, I really want to donate you but dollar and euro is too high for my currency :(.

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I can't setup YouTube widget on safari even when "show develop menu" is enabled.

Check if your system is in English, AquaTouch is made for english systems and may not work for other languages.

If your system is not in english and you don't want to change the language let me know for a manual fix.

Hi Yuuiko. Yes, my system is in Chinese. It would be very helpful if you can fix it for me:) Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Can I use GoldenChaos with AquaTouch?

Hi! sorry for my late reply!

Check this thread out:

Technically you can, but it won't be practical as the two will mix together like two smartphones in a blender, so its not really practical.

Was there something you were looking to solve by using them both at the same time? Do tell me and maybe I can add it in

This solved my problem. THANK YOU VERY MUCH :heart:

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Well, I wanted to use both bc I liked the functionality and easy way to look at information (mainly time and battery) on goldenchaos easily however, i liked the simplicity of aquatouch and the ability to have different menus for different apps. Some functionality would to be able to keep the dock on the home screen. Also I would like to be able to view the 7 day forecast and also have the ability to screenshot and screenrecord from the touchbar would be nice.

@Howard_Ding I seee,

In my design I excluded these as:

  • just see time and battery in the menubar which you can usually always see.
  • Screenshot with βŒ˜β‡§3, 4, 5, and 6, as it has always been.

If you really want to see battery and time in the tb, try gamemode :wink:

for the dock In the current latest version,
"just use the actual dock or ⌘tab", but a dock widget did exist in quickapps in previous versions and I might bring it back as an option. Its code is still in the latest version though deactivated, do tell me if you want to reactivate it. Oh, and the quickstrip does "lock open" (at least its meant to) meaning you could enter it and leave it open as if its your "home"

As for weather, tap the weather in QuickSchedules for a 7 day forecast.

Thanks for ur advice. I just got my new macbook recently so I haven't gotten used to all of its functions yet.I do prefer having the dock in the touchbar as I like hiding the icons as it looks cleaner and simpler. After using AQT for the past week or so, I do have to say that the work you have u have done is pretty amazing and adds so much more usefulness to the touchbar.

Once again thank you for your work!


If you'd like to enable the dock untill the next update check this out:

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