[v3.6.8] AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

Try this:

Sorry for my answer delay but I wasn't able to upload video on this forum ....


P.S. Still doesn't work :\

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Just try using a normal link, as i'm using some special method

edit: yep I see it

That's interesting, the preset is not designed like this...

Looking into a cause
In the meantime, if you have any more information then please share!

Maybe looking into my settings will help you in some way ..

edit. Ops, I missed it! After that I pressed buttons like you in the video and after restarting BTT, earth icon disappeared!


I see a potential issue:

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.29.28 pm.png2254x2280 1.06 MB

Are these 'Applications' missing from the list?
If they are present, What do they contain?

Damn I don't have any of them! Should I install these app before install preset?

These are not apps rather they are conditional activation groups. They activate when their various rules are true. You do not need to install any apps as these are not 'apps'.

Could you rename your copy of the preset (e.g. Dom_AquaTouch_v2.0.0) and send it over so I can check it up?

I've just checked this by downloading the preset from my link and importing it myself, just like any normal person would. I've found an issue which seems to be a BTT glitch, where all the conditional activation groups get merged into one.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, this is quite an issue since this preset relies on them heavily.
It seems like this is an import issue as the web summary keeps them seperate as usual.
Could you please look into this?


@Dom, I would still like to see your copy of my preset to verify this finding, if you're alright with that.

Edit: Try opening Illustrator or any other supported app (apps that have icons in the side column). The preset should still work with these?

Nothing happened.

Edit: In version 1.0 beta Photoshop was working but Illustrator and After Effects not (maybe because I've newer version of them) and in version 2 no apps works ..

Yes, this isn't a fix rather it's to help me see what happened on your side.

I'd like to check what happened within your copy of the preset so:

  1. click Manage Presets,
  2. select the preset then:
  3. click 'Export Highlighted', save the file and send it over so I can take a look at what's wrong (link here, etc).

@yuuiko here you are https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PviUc9DVUIUqW3VRdJ5HOn5mdq9CJWXw

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Thanks for that, I've taken a look and it seems like it's the same issue.

This is most likley an issue with BetterTouchTool and I'd need to discuss with @Andreas_Hegenberg to confirm/fix it up

Issue Posted on bug reports:

Thanks for your co-operation, @Dom!
Let's hope it'll be fixed soon. In the meantime, is there anything else you wanted to mention?

Edit: I've just seen your edit:

Edit: In version 1.0 beta Photoshop was working but Illustrator and After Effects not (maybe because I've newer version of them) and in version 2 no apps works ..

And i'm curious to find out why. I'm guessing that, yes, the versions are not matching therefore BTT isnt sensing the right app
Could you try:

  1. Adding your own Illustrator using the + button in the apps list
  2. Add a 'test' button
  3. Try if this works with Illustrator
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I'll look into that later today!

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@yuuiko yeah adding Illustrator (or Animate in my case) to the list it works properly, so I think it's version related.

P.S. These are the versions I've on my pc

I think it's version related also because if I add for ex. Illustrator to the list, BTT add it again, although there is your version too.

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Swamped with work today but I'll check out v2 tonight! :smiley:

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Thanks for your attention,
Hope it can be fixed soon!


Thats good info. I probably need to handle these a different way then because I imagine everyone would have incompatible versions
(probably with more conditional activation groups again)


Haha, alright
Do note that it’s conditional activation groups currently break on import (as far as i know) So 80% of it is broken. Hope it’s fixed soon!

New link posted, the merging Conditional Activation Group problem should be fixed for now.

@Andreas_Hegenberg has confirmed it is a bug with the upload site, so a direct link has been posted for now.

If anyone has downloaded the preset before this message, please delete your copy and try again

I've found some bugs in v2-0-0, however my update is still in a checking stage so I'll get this out a bit sooner than now.

@Dom, @GoldenChaos, Appreciating any feedback!


Hei @yuuiko , how are you? I'm using your preset from 10 min and ... it's blowing my mind! When I saw your preview months ago I understood it was something really unbelievable but this is even better :raised_hands: .

At the moment I noticed only few "bugs":

  1. Photoshop works really well, but Illlustrator not and in AE everything disappear from the bar (screenshots below)

  1. I noticed there aren't a emoji and a screenshot button that sometimes are useful! (I linked below a screenshot of my touchbar preset where they're always there, because people often chat with friends or send screenshot/video to colleagues about work progresses ... Maybe could it help you!)

Thanks in advance for your incredible work :smiley:

@edit: I tell you only these things because apart from them it works really well and it's so smart

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Version 2-0-1 will include an experimental handling of Adobe Apps, so please stay tuned till then to tell me if they work. (I can’t check this myself, as I’d need to see if they work on your versions)

Will also include layout and format improvements to the Connectivity Actions in Widget View,

B, I, U, S, H buttons in onenote light up to the corresponding type-cursored format in OneNote

Small improvements and fixes to widgets, layouts and other stuff. (I forgot the rest :stuck_out_tongue: )
Anyway, Thanks so much for your feedback! Latley i’ve been feeling kind of lost without any replies so seeing some feedback is refreshing!

I’ll see to a way to implement your suggestions, I’m thinking to put them into the control strip but there are so many copies of the ‘fakeCS’ that I’m not sure how to make it easy for users to switch out... I have a feeling @GoldenChaos would know..:thinking:

For screenshots, I instead use ⌘⇧4 HEAVILY (like about 20 per day, sometimes more), so this is why I did not think of a touchbar button. I guess some people prefer a button though. A button does exist if you click the < chevron for more options.

Great to have feedback!

Edit: I would like to know why the gesture bar is not showing because it is meant to when the app is unsupported.

Could you send me the names of your adobe apps that are displayed in the dock? (hover over the app and send me the exact name with caps e.g. Adobe Illustrator CC 2018?)
also, any app suggestions for me to add?

@yuuiko oh! I'm really exited about what will be include in version 2.0.1!! In my opinion your preset shouldn't become too much complex or complete because the main reason I love it and maybe other people may agree with me it's because it is smart and simple to use and to discover icons/widgets.

  1. Yeah I'm used to use a lot ⌘⇧4 me too and for this reason i set capture screenshot/video on my touchbar everywhere (because if I've to search them in some menu, maybe it's more intuitive to use keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Here you are my adobe apps used names

  3. Instead of add more apps in my opinion its more better to implement widget or settings like do not disturb mode because a lot of people who use their laptop to work like me, are used to use keyboard shortcuts in apps like photoshop, ecc ecc instead of searching for some icons in touchbar menu (yeah, touchbar it's born for this reason but at this time a lot of people use it for "stupid things" like emoji man ... It's sad, I know it) So I think you should focus on smart things that could help people during the day (i've set on my bar a coffee cup icon to shutdown my screen when I'd a break for example ahah)

@edit I'm so sorry for my bad english (damn it, i'm a fucking italian ..) because I would help you more ... I'm here for anything because I'm a great fan of your project and maybe it is the only one I would use (I'm a designer me too (a motion designer in my case!) and I'm in love with it because it's the only one so good organized) instead of my basic preset ^^

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