🆕 [v3.6.10] – AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

I did the thing you need to do to keep customisations when updating AQT. but it doesn't save what I've hidden, which is annoying because I hide things (like the ESC. button) and it keeps appearing every update. how do I keep it hidden after an update without having to manually hide it again?

Removing or Editing edits the AQT preset itself, which all gets replaced with the new update. Unfortunately it's not possible to save things you edit or remove, only things you add (as things you add can be separated to a different preset)

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Have you thought about adding support for Things3?!


Netflix preset isn't working while in full screen
also, Netflix subtitles on the touchbar would be cool. this could be instead of on the screen, though that might be impossible...
alsoooo night shift doesn't have an alternate icon, so when pressed, it disappears.

Can you please add support to the new Microsoft Edge please?
I think it is a better browser compare to Chrome.

which is annoying because I hide things (like the ESC. button)

Inside Aqua Touch settings on the TouchBar there's a few options for the escape key, when there's a new update, it should restore the settings (and the option you have set for the escape key)

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The latest AquaTouch does have Microsoft Edge, but it doesn't have support for web-specific controls yet as these are very technical and will take some time to port to other apps, and only if the app supports scripting.

Hi There!
You have truly made the touchbar amazing! You guys are amazing!!! Just one hickup I found was that spotify doesn't do single song repeat like apple music. A lot of my friends and I Practically keep the touch bar open in spotify so fixing this issue would be a HUGE thing for us.


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is a word count for google docs possible?

hi yuuiko, ive noticed that changing the volume, brightness or keyboard brightness is unresponsive frequently. i have to reset the touchbar to fix it. do you know what might be causing this? ty

Huh, I seem to be getting that too. This is most likely a BTT issue @Andreas_Hegenberg

Not sure, but doesn't the word count already show at the bottom of the window?

I don't believe I've seen this issue recur with Chrome, but I have noticed this exact issue happening with Safari now, on version 3.6.2. Happy to help troubleshoot, but not sure where to begin.

yep, and it gets in the way—I usually have docs on half my screen and something else on the other, so it would be handy to have it in the touchbar.

I've also been getting this issue where quitting Chrome just results in it reopening it...

This is super problematic.
Could it be an option to add in a volume widget, or slider, and not just be dependent on the 3 finger swipe?

would that be possible?

And one more question, if I wanted to ADD to aquatouch another button that expanded into a set of controls (specifically, Roon control from here https://github.com/Tekl/BetterTouchRoon), how would I do this?

there already is one, you probably need to activate it. go to 'Open Quick Controls' --> 'Quick Controls' and scroll down till you find the volume, brightness and keyborad brightness widgets. Click on them and press Command + D

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I just noticed that the beats icon is still the AirPods icon, only while the beats are connecting. so while disconnected and connected, it is the correct icon, but not while connecting.

You can find some hidden volume/brightness toggles in BetterTouchTool → Open Widget (in the sidebar) → QuickControls. Just set them as active

Where did you want to place these controls?

  • As an AQT app (appears when app is active)
  • In the QuickStrip
  • Beside the Quick Strip (Like Discord and 1Keyboard Widget)

I'd prefer the sound and backlight be in the quick-strip.

As far as the roon app, it is a button that expands to see controls.