🆕 [v3.6.10] – AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

Just wanted to say thank you for putting this together. I gasped when I saw the functionality on AE and illustrator. Incredible. Thank you :))

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is it possible to have a button that swaps from noise-cancelling/transparency mode for airpods, or noise cancellation/normal mode for beats?

also, (bug report) the bold, underline, italics and strikethrough buttons don't change colour when activated for Google docs. why is that?

Rapid fire with the asks! :wink:

It'd be hard for me to answer the AirPods mode switch widget because I don't own them myself...

There's no efficient way of getting BIUS status info, so well they just don't do it. Last time I tried for OneNote I turned every MacBook running it into a space heater.

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lol, ok that's fine. if you would ever want to add a button to switch headphone modes, dm me and I can help (for the beats only)

That does seem to have worked for most apps, but Safari not so much. Which is a bummer, since Safari is the one where I'd need 1Password the most, as it's serving me passwords for websites.

Hmmmmmm.... :thinking:

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 11.12.22 am

web controls has it's own one now lol, try add a copy to here too.

Oh you'd probably need to add 1Keyboard to the list of conditions for Pinned Widgets, as it deactivates if Discord or 1Keyboard isn't running:


just noticed that your customised YouTube touchbar doesn't work while YouTube is in full screen

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@yuuiko yeah sure here it is :grin: Custom Netflix.bttpreset (2.4 MB)

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That seems to have worked! Thanks yuuiko!

a cool feature for the Google Drive touchbar it having their Quick Access feature on the touchbar? would this be possible?

hi @yuuiko, just got AQT, love it. One issue: I'm not getting sliders or rating stars in the quick media music menu. I have to go to the Music app to get those, and then click the song playing, which is a bunch of taps. is that an option I'm missing? An easier way?

Try restarting the app and BTT, my copy seems to be working...

Hi,i've been using AQT for a while,really love it,thanks for the hard work!But i got a problem in connecting my airpods pro,everytime i touch the icon,it just tells me,Bluetooth Widget could not find your device "Spike's AirPods Pro".

But this shows up instantly everytime i touch the icon,looks like it has already found my airpods pro,just couldn't connect it.So i'm confused...

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Seems like your system is in Chinese. Due to technical limitations AQT is only focused on english systems. Since it tries to find and click english menus, it may have trouble on systems with other languages. AQT would need to be translated to work on other languages

You can try fix it

but you may find that a lot of other things struggle to respond...

This is AWESOME!
Really solved my problem.Thanks for your reply!

Hi, this keeps happening on my new tab page in safari, kinda wonky and not sure why??

@AlexanderMohan will be fixed in upcoming update! Sorry about this one.

Join my discord if you wish to follow progress!

@AlexanderMohan in the meantime, do this:

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in the now playing section, can there be a widget for Logic? It for the name of the song, it could be the file name? sometimes I listen to songs that ive made, and its annoying having to go on the Logic app to pause or whatever when im doing other things.