🆕 [v3.6.10] – AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

AQT b3.3.0 Update! (17 Dec 2018)

Not much new features, but AQT is now MUCH more smoother to operate. I collaborated and discussed various BTT features and refinements with @Andreas_Hegenberg, funnily enough; to get BTT to support AQT. Though there might still be some bugs with the new feature, I can definitley say that AQT is way more fluid and stable due to his new changes. Head to the 'Quality Improvements' to see a list of these improvements.

This update requires you to update BTT to v2.667 to update! Enable 'Update to Alpha Builds' in the BTT Advanced Settings.

Visit the Top Post to update!

AQT Version Naming Scheme Changed.

  • b0.0.0 - indicates that it is a beta. Betas are stable enough to be used daily but may have some bugs and incomlpete features that might not work. It’s the cutting edge version that is quite experimental.
  • v0.0.0 indicates a final stable (afaik) build.
  • X.0.0 - indicates a major redesign in the way AQT works.
  • 0.X.0 - indicates new app support and new features
  • 0.0.X - indicates a bugfix/hotfix release that fixes reported bugs.

Netflix Now Playing widget

  • thanks to @iAmWaldo!
  • Calling All Users! I don’t have a netflix so I need some feedback on it’s performance.

YouTube Now Playing Widget

  • Now supports returning “Paused/Video Ended” (@iAmWaldo again!)
  • Tap to play/pause YouTube directly without switching to it’s window. (very useful)

Youtube Safari Widget

  • New ’Skip Ad’ button (WiP, extremely buggy)

Google Chrome is now a full set. (@jacquelinett)

  • Retains most features from it’s native set
  • Added Features:
  • Tab Switching
  • Back/Forward buttons
  • ‘Window’ button with: Bookmark, Downloads, History, Reopen Last Closed and Home.


  • added ’Top’, ‘Side’, ‘Front’ Labels (kind of messy imo, will clean up next version) (@kalmdown)
  • Fixed duplicate ‘blender’ and ‘Blender’ app group

Quality Improvements (requires the new features in BTT alpha v2.667, thanks to @Andreas_Hegenberg!)

  • Notification widgets react to DND. They won't show up when you enable DND, but will come back no problem when you switch off DND. (@GoldenChaos)
  • AQT logo is now in the control strip. It changes based on the type of set. (new BTT Alpha feature - buggy)
    Full on: Full Set - 07%20pm
    Arrow: Extension set - 57%20pm
    Grey: No Support (gesture bar) - 24%20pm
  • Refined the ‘close btt bar’ cosmetics for extension sets.
  • New Play Button Handling. Doesn't look so refined at the moment but it works better than the previous applescript iteration. (new BTT Alpha feature - may not be stable)
  • The setup window now has a window bezel. You can now move it around, minimise, etc. (new BTT Alpha feature - may not be stable)
  • AQT should not open mixed with the macOS Control Strip anymore (new BTT Alpha feature - buggy) (@Dom)
  • Notification Badges, Control Strip and Escape keys shouldn’t get misplaced anymore with the addition of BTT's new 'Display Order' function.
  • Control Strip Highlighting is now visible when the CS is open.


  • Setup and welcome should appear on BTT’s Setapp Version now. (@pauxus)
  • Spotify NP widget closed the entire control strip instead of returning to the now playing widgets - fixed (@Simon_Defarge)
  • The spacing for Notification Bubbles have been fixed and refined. (mostly)
  • Facebook Safari Widget - ’Notificaitons’ spelling error fixed (pauxus)
  • Small Step Gesture Haptics didn’t respond to the haptics switch - Fixed
  • Bug Fixes with Haptics Settings and the AQT Haptics Engine
  • Digital Colour/Color tool has been merged into one group
  • Do Not Disturb Display Fixed. (Was it a Mojave error? not sure. But it works for me now.)


  • @Dom Escape keys in the CS will be fixed soon. I plan to redo how it updates it’s look.
  • Smooth Updating is coming soon.
  • Outlook Support to be merged from @onaforeignshore