🆕 [v3.6.10] – AquaTouch – The Powerful Touch Bar Redesign.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hi All, Specifically, @Dom, @onaforeignshore, @pauxus, @Simon_Defarge, @iAmWaldo.

My to-do list is massive so i'd just like to ask you guys if you could spot anything I missed, if you wouldn't mind.

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smooth updating

:warning:loading icon for Control Mode mic and dark mode for AQTS

Help Popups
:warning:Add: Preferences
:warning:Update Setup Popups
:warning: add tip to install iStats

Settings (the one displayed in the touch bar):
:arrow_down: Compatibility Mode


  • Desktop switching in window snapping
  • Browsers to use full type sets?
    :white_check_mark: Blender Word Mode
  • Seamless Updating


  • Preference based escape key not working in CS
  • PiP button in youtube, skip ad (WiP, HELP! )
  • DnD / Bluetooth icons not switching


  • merge - New Outlook Support
  • merge - Web Widgets now support other browsers. He’s implemented it in a combined way, but i think for the merge i’ll need to make seperate CAGrps because of layout differences.
  • merge - New Webmail Web Widgets

:x:[cant fix] pressing control in any app will crash AT ?
:x:[cant reproduce] touching Chrome in the "Active Apps Menu" will crash AT ?

• Hide notification badges when DND is on

:white_check_mark: small step haptic does not respond to the haptic switch
:white_check_mark: add new rule to haptic operators: if not 0

  • esc key does not change style within presets. Need to update them to the widget
    :white_check_mark: Setup/Welcome bar does not appear on setapp BTT.

—————Cancelled Changes
:x: [too gimicky] On Click Desktop Setting:

  • Show Finder
  • Show Now Playing
  • Show Shedule

:arrow_down: blocky preview icons

—————CHANGELOG b3.3.0 (so far)

Version Numbers are reformatted. b3.3.0
b0.0.0 - 'beta' (experimental, cutting-edge build. May be usable but might not be stable)
v0.0.0 - 'version' (stable afaik, officially released)
X.0.0 - Radical Change
0.X.0 - New App Support
0.0.X - Bugfix / Layout refinements only

Netflix Now Playing widget

  • thanks to @iAmWaldo!
  • Calling All Users! I don’t have a netflix so I need some feedback on it’s performance.

YouTube Now Playing Widget

  • Now supports returning “Paused/Video Ended”
  • tap to play/pause YouTube without switching to it’s window.

Google Chrome is now a full set.

  • Retains most features from it’s native set
  • Added Features:
  • Tab Switching
  • Back/Forward buttons
  • Open Windows: Bookmark, Downloads, History, Reopen last closed, home.


  • added ’Top’, ‘Side’, ‘Front’ Labels
  • Fixed duplicate ‘blender’ and ‘Blender’ app group


  • Spotify NP widget closes the control strip instead of returning to the now playing widgets - fixed
  • The spacing for Notification Bubbles have been fixed and refined.
  • FB ’Notificaitons’ spelling error
  • Setup and welcome should appear on Setapp BTT.
  • Digital Colour/Color tool has been merged into one group