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No Problem, @Bongrand


Thanks for looking into it. Yes I meant Web Widgets. And I understand for the 2nd request that it might be tricky. thanks for looking into it. (It could even be great for energy consumption)



  1. Yes, I have for exemple this issue with preview.. the name of the app in the settings is even: Preview-Error (I don't know if this is normal..) Do you recommend something ?
    [Note: I also just noticed, that I don't have any touchbar for neither Notes nor Reminders]

Preview-error is normal, that handles an unrecognised files in preview just in case. It has an icon that isn't just a black "?".
Having black "?" apps shouldn't be a problem, that's just a touchbar for an app you don't have installed.

  1. I mean the screen itself. The icon on the touchbar is locked as if the screen is on NightShift. But it's not.

Hmm okay, I'll check how it switches NightShift. What are your macos nightshift settings?

  1. For the Hard Drive:
    Here is a picture of the touchbar when I do a "long press" on the Disk:

    I am really new to BTT and I don't know what you mean by showing you the widget. I have the issue right now, so if you give me a step-by-step guide. I can do it right now.

Yes that's what I wanted to see.
Is this the case for the widget in the QuickApps too? (App icon on the right), there should be an external disks widget in there too. Check if that displays a 1 as well.

Thanks for the answer.
Your'e welcome!

  1. Okk. But when I open a normal pdf. or my notes, or reminders. Is it normal that the touchbar is like this:

  2. Just want to point out, that this is a minor bug. 1st, the nightshift will work. But after a few minutes, the screen will just not be in night shift anymore. (However, if I do it after that the bug appeared manually in the control center, everything works)

Here are my settings (sorry for the french):

  1. Yes, it is the case as well. (it displays a 1 as well).

Let me know if you need a MacBook Pro 16" for any beta testing.

Notes and reminders don't have an AQT bar as I found I can't do better than the apple one for now. What are you openning the PDF with?

AQT is made to work with english so some things may act funny on your french system. The script seems to be fine on my side...

Could you check the script on your side? (box 3)

Reminders and Notes:
How do I use the apple native ones then ? because, when I click on the bar. It only shows the default apple one. (Not the apple one for Notes or Reminders)
In my case this:

(Note: I would have the same question for Calculator)

External Drive
Here is what I have:

I see a potential issue in the code, will fix for the next version.

Set this in system preferences to see native touchbar controls!

Press "Customise Control Strip..." to customise the apple native control strip too. I have mine with just the AQT and play button. (Using AQT gestures to adjust vol, brightness etc.)

Apple's native safari touchbar

Ah thanks. It works :slight_smile:

But what do you mean by: "I have mine with just the AQT and play button. (Using AQT gestures to adjust vol, brightness etc.)" ?
You have the native Apple + AQT gestures for vol, brightness ? Because, when I am in the standard Apple Touchbar. I don't have AQT gestures.

(I'll go to sleep, but thanks again for all this help... You are an amazing person. And if at some point in my life, I can help you. I will do it :smiley: with pleasure)

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Yeah, I just open AQT, slide around, and then close it again for apps that don't support it. (Hence the long bar, you can tap it to return to apple). If you swipe it with one finger you can see some tips.

It's an AQT side thing, enabling gestures outside of AQT is very buggy and doesn't work very well

Been using AQT for a few weeks, and I greatly appreciate the work you've done! The philosophy of leaving Apple's defaults alone is exactly what I was looking for when looking at existing presets.

I have a simple feature request -- adding a caffeinate toggle to quickly modify energy saver preferences (essentially a Touch Bar equivalent of Amphetamine).

There are (at least) two common use cases:

  • toggling dim display settings when watching a video
  • toggling system sleep when running a batch of work that you're running while away from your workstation

I've setup the first use case as an addition to the far left of the QuickMedia widget, with the following Apple Script trigger

	set ret to do shell script "pgrep -x caffeinate"
	if ret > 0 then
		return true
		return false
	end if
on error
	return false
end try

and this run Apple Script (async) action:

	set isSet to do shell script "pgrep -x caffeinate"
		do shell script "pkill -9 caffeinate"
		return "succesffuly killed caffeinate"
	on error
		return "could not kill"
	end try
on error
		do shell script "caffeinate -dimsu"
		return "successfully launched caffeinate"
	on error
		return "failed to start caffeinate"
	end try
end try

It would be nice if various media could automatically launch a caffeinate session to be killed when the media is no longer being consumed (e.g., if launched app is media with pid of 917, then run caffeinate <options> -w 917), but this might be difficult for streaming situations, as I'm unaware of a way to get the pid using something like pgrep for web domains, as it's all obscured through a WebKit process; Amphetamine provides methods for setting up triggers for native apps, IP address, DNS, etc., but not through named web domains. Perhaps a simple workaround would be holding and sliding to set a duration when activating, and sending the command caffeinate <options> -t [time chosen converted to seconds]

Thanks again!

At this point you know more than me about that :sweat_smile:

Ironically I'm actually not too strong with coding, i can only barely understand what you said there XD

it would be great if you could try get something up, if you have any questions regarding how BTT or AQT works then I might be able to answer.

If you'd like to continue you could start a new Github Issue!
Of course, you'd be credited in the code, in the forums and in the update changelog!

By the way, there is already a "don't sleep" in Quick Controls that is based on caffinate:

I know in the previous Aquatouch for iTunes when the music was playing that the song artwork would show and I know that Apple's integration of creating a music app has changed everything. Is it possible to ever get the song artwork when a song plays in a future release? thanks again for the great preset !

It was very hard to fix but it has already been fixed in my latest version.

That version is still being tested with a few loose ends to tie up but will be out soon!

Changelog for upcoming next version

You might want to fix the filename on github... Unless you want it to be changeloNg.md :grinning:

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My Reminders only show 'no reminders due this week'. Is there something missing I needed to install?

This is a known issue.

A new update that fixes this will be posted around this or next week, stay tuned to the forums!

Thank you. I'm not sure if it's mentioned already but I can't find a tutorial on how to update

Subscribe to this thread (set the bell to watching) to get emails from this forum system about new updates.

You should be able to just install the new version like you did your first version unless otherwise noted in the update's post!

Hey @yuuiko, I love aqua touch! changed completely how I feel about the Touch Bar. I did have a question, though, as I'm relatively new to BTT and VERY new to the Touch Bar and customization at this level. I was wondering if there was a way to add a hotkey to show dock apps in the Touch Bar? (I saw this as a feature on golden chaos but I like aqua touch so much more). OR is there a way to customize the apps that show up when I hit the app button (as opposed to just finder, new text, new sticky, notes, etc.).

I was also wondering if there was a way when I'm playing music and click the play button (and it brings up the name of the song) is there a way to have a slide/scrubber/playhead type display? I don't know how had that is to code (or if it's even possible) I just thought it might be a nice addition.

Again, GREAT application... AQT is really something incredible!

Hi @Marc_Fleming!

AquaTouch had a feature like this in the past but I disabled it in favour of keeping things "focused". It's still exists in its configuration though, just disabled.

I'll add this back as an option in a later version of AQT since I just built a new settings system that is capable of that. In the meantime, you can temporarily re-enable it if you wish by following the screenshots below;

As for the scrubber, just tap the name of the song to bring it up :wink:
You can also tap the time displays on the left and right to skip back or forward 15s.

Glad you like AQT! Stay put for a new update coming hopefully in the next few hours.



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Whoa, incredible work! Thank you for working so hard... great product.

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