⏫ v3.5.5 (20 Dec) -- AquaTouch -- Supports 40+ Apps, Websites, AND the Native TouchBar!

Not sure. I havent experienced this myself as I have never used that button

Does the current link do this?

the current aqua touch does that, but the previous did it also.. I don't know if there's an error log or where to look for it.


Does this issue occur on current link?

yes! it does

One day ... one fuc**** day I didn't check the forum and you release a new update :joy: ...

Joking apart, I LOVE this new update @yuuiko because it's full of new interesting things and there's no battery drain! I discover few little bugs that I think you can fix in a short time:

  1. On the new spotify widget when I try to change the song minute that's happen

1.1 Always on spotify the back and next buttons instead of going on previous or next page, they zoomed the interface

1.2 the pause button looks compressed ... is it a choice?



2 On safari app when I open emoji button it appears this annoying glitch in the left corner

2.1 Always on safari app when I open gmail site, it doesn't appear gmail extension

P.S. I think i've to tell you I've set your safari preset as permanent, but the 2.1 bug appears also with the default settings!

I'm so sorry if I always discover and tell you these stupid things but I really want your preset to become perfect (so maybe Apple one day will contact you and :joy:...)


Hi @Dom!!

A very lengthy reply for Dom

Glad to see you're a real fan of AQT XD

1 - Misalignment

This seems to be because of the mail widget being so large. Try turning it off for now. I'll disable notification badges for width-sensitive layouts. Thanks for that!

1.1 - Incorrect Action

It seems to be working for me??
Could you check your keyboard shortcuts??

1.2(?) - Pause/Play Button

The workings behind that have been changed but unfortunatley I can't adjust the icon that much. It's actually a now playing widget instead of an applescript widget now. I changed it to this because the old button, although it looks nicer, never changed its icon properly, and Andreas just added an icon only function recently so that works for now. Dynamic Play/Pause button Widget

2 - Emojis

Same as 1. Try disabling that mail notificaiton badge XD (lots of spam I see. I should default it to off)

2.1 (?) - Gmail

:thinking::thinking::thinking: No idea. Will test it out. Are the other sites working?

No problems with your comments! I really want this to be perfect too, and I want to make it as smooth as possible. I really enjoy reading your feedback! like, a lot!

Could I ask you some things too?

  1. How is the new style of safari widget back buttons? Is it a bit confusing?

  2. Is it good that the DND, Dark Mode and Micrphone Mute toggles in the AQT 'Controls' Strip start off striped? It makes them take longer to switch icons and increases lag...

  3. I'm concerned about new users who get recommended AQT but have no idea what BTT is and how it works. It may be confusing for them so I'd just like to ask if everything is easy to use and understand.

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to your reply

Speaking of future, my plans are:

Next Update:
Focusing on visual improvements primarily (the spacing around the notification badges especially. SO uneven), junk cleaning (theres lots of unused or old inactive triggers everywhere), and just overall making it smoother, more stable, fixing mistakes and completing half-complete stuff.

Though this won't come anytime soon because I've been really busy with school at the moment. So I'll probably pause the AQT project for now unless some urgent bug appears....

Far Future:
In the far future I want to set myself an advertising project and making an animated ad for it to post on youtube, and maybe ask some youtubers to review it. but it NEEDS to be perfect before this can happen XD

If you want apple to notice then share sharee! let us put into perspective how much you can do with the touchbar if used *properly*.

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Hi yuuiko!

First of all, AQT is great. Thanks for working on it.

I found a strange bug that happens once in a while with Spotify depending on which song is playing. I think someone mentioned this previously in the thread.
The json seems to appear instead of the parsed info.

EDIT: It looks like it might be because the song contains quotation marks, so it messes up the parsing.

EDIT: I successfully fixed it using this code:

set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "\\""
set textItems to every text item of nowPlaying
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "\\\\\\""
set nowPlaying to textItems as string
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""

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yessssss! I've been checking everyday for this update but somehow missed the released date.

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Thanks for the report and the fix @exaudeus!

I’ve had this issue with “:” and “?” as well. How would you fix that?

Usually, you don't have to escape those characters, and it looks like it works normally with Spotify, but you could use the same code, just slightly changed:

set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "?" #This is what you want to replace
set textItems to every text item of nowPlaying
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "\?" #This is what you want to replace it with
set nowPlaying to textItems as string
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""

Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you need more info

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Thanks! This is also an issue with the calendar and reminders widgets as well as the iTunes. Helpful!

I haven't implemeneted this yet as i'm busy but i will definitley get this to work!

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Same as what happened to @Dom XDD

Hi from Spain.
It would be possible to integrate OmniFocus 3 and be able to see in the Touch Bar the perspective of Prevision?

Hi @masef1!

Welcome to th community and Thanks for your suggestion!
I’m not sure what you mean by the prevision perspective (i’m guessing its an omnifocus thing) but I’ll look into omnifocus and try find that for the next version!

I was referring to the Forecast Perspective of OmniFocus. Thank you very much for your interest and for your work. it is wonderful!

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It seems the download for the stable release isn't working. Any expectation on when it'll be up again? Not sure if it's something that happens often or not

Hi @aisync!

All my releases are relatively stable and are able to be used daily. The difference is that while v3 has a lot of great new features, it also has missing or work in progress things e.g. instructions and half-complete widgets lying around waiting to be done.

Basically: One is perfect for it's time, one has way more features and is under active development

I suggest you get v3.4.0 for now, as v2 is super old and primitive. I can even say v3 runs smoother than v2!

My main aim for the next update is to get everything more complete and running even smoother so we can get out of the 'beta' tag and happily add features in the future. but for now, everything is working fine and stable enough to use daily. I don't release low-quality, half broken updates!

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Hei @yuuiko! I'm so sorry for the late reply but this fuckin' university thesis is taking me much more time than expected :exploding_head: ...

  1. Yeah, maaaaaybe should I delete few mails :joy::joy: ..

1.1 I've just checked my keyboard shortcuts but everything seems to be ok

2.1 Every other web extension works like a charm. I've only have problem with gmail extension that doesn't appear on gmail.com or even when I try to write a new mail.

Your questions:

  1. They're perfect! The only thing i'll change is to hide notification badge in it, because if you open that specific extension maybe u're not interested to see even there your notifications

  2. I think they're ok man, because at the end all we want those buttons works, so it's not a problem to have this little delay ... Yeah, don't change it!

  3. This is really a good question because that happens also with some of my friends who asked me why my touchbar it's so customized and looks great. And the answer is always that one: "Do you agree with me the touchbar is useless? Install this program and download this preset and voilà :joy: ...

Joking apart, u're doing really an amazing job even creating the "Help Window" ... If people don't like to read it's not your problem, because this preset is full of functions

At the end the only advice I want give you it's to dedicate yourself only on stability and fluidity because at this moment, in 3.4.0, AQT it's really full of customizations so I wouldn't like it become too complex to use! (not for us who are veterans, but for new users)

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Even if I'm full of work I'm using AQT 3.4.0 every moment as my daily preset so if I'll find others problems I'll write them here!

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I meant the keyboard shortcuts for Spotify :smile:
Could you try ⌘] (forward) and ⌘[ (back) as these are the key commands that the buttons use to navigate. ⌘L searches.

The Gmail Widget seems to be working completely fine for me. Could you check if these rules are true for you as it is what the Gmail widget checks:

  • The open app is com.apple.Safari
  • The Window (or tab name) contains "Gmail"
  • The URL contains "mail.google.com"


  1. I think it would be good to keep them consistent. e.g. if you're spending a lot of time working in a google docs with it open, you'd want to see your new messages pop up. (i kind of rely on them more than the notifications themselves...)

  2. Great!

  3. Thanks for your encouragement! But to be clear what I asked, is it easy for them to get the preset for themselves after you suggest? What do you think could be improved?

The same situation happened to me, he tried to install it but found that it didn't work as expected (Don't know if there was an install problem or he didn't understand how to use it) so thats why I'm asking this...


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