Using modifier keys from a different keyboard

Hi all,

I recently got a small QMK macropad to use as arrow keys (I switched to a 60% keyboard, but I missed my arrows). However, when I try to create a shortcut using a modifier key from my main keyboard and a key from my macropad, it doesn't work - for example, BTT doesn't register that I pressed "command" on my main keyboard and left arrow on my macropad.

Is there any way I can get this to work?

Thanks all!

That's interesting, but I can reproduce this. Apparently macOS treats the modifiers for shortcuts separately by default.

Do you maybe have a full size keyboard somewhere that would allow you to record the keys?
The on-screen keyboard from the macOS Accessibility options should also work

Hmm... I managed to record a modifier + arrow shortcut with another keyboard, but the shortcuts do not work when I try the same combo on my setup (modifier on main keyboard, arrow on macropad)... (Trigger condition is set to "works on all keyboards")