Using BTT with multiple users on Mac (2023)

I've been using BTT on my MAC for years now and it has been a basic tool for me to apoint, where I don't notice it's there until it's not and my Mac just seems to be clumsy as hell.

Now, a few months ago, I had to install a second user account, which I use for work, while I continue using the original account for private reasons. Obviously, BTT was one of the first things I activated on the new account. The set up with the same license worked well. Most of the time BTT is just "there" and invisible in the background and works perfectly well. Until it doesn't. Which occurs so much more often now than ever before. The strange thing is that suddenly some functions disappear (especially a few specific mouse buttons that are not working anymore (logitec mouse), while other functions stay the same.

Sometimes a restart of BTT solves the issue. Sometimes I have to re-import my preset file. Sometimes I have to do both – several times – before BTT works again as I am used to. It comes out of the blue, I never know when it will happen again. It is so frustrating! What can I do about it?

I am using a MacBookPro running on Ventura 13.4.1 and my BTT is 4.316 on both accounts.

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately it's complicated.
BTT needs to use various global API's that do not behave well when used at two accounts at the same time. This can lead to random weird behavior.

Currently there is no good way to workaround this.
It is possible this recently got worse because I removed some of the attempts to workaround this as they were causing issues at other places.

Wow this was quick! Thank you.