Using BTT with Gamepad but need to use keyboard also, shortcuts conflicting with each other

Im using a Razer Tartarus keypad, one handed gaming keypad to setup shortcuts for apps like Visual Studio to code and build websites. The game-pad come by default with each key having a per-determined key assignment like a,s,d,caps lock, control, shift. When I use BTT to set up macros with the game pad some bindings work great and sometimes not. In example, the Number 1 key on game-pad is an A, so when I set a macro for Select All (command +A) it selects all within a given program window. But when I use A on my keyboard it also acts as a macro instead of typing A. This does not happen with all keys or modifiers, its very random. Any help is appreciated.,

did you enable the „only works on keyboard used for recording“ option for the recorded shortcuts?

I have, tried that setting as well as "auto adapt". Works sometimes and sometimes not. There is no pattern to the success or failure. I feel that would be a huge obstacle for others.