Using BTT on a laptop with external keyboard

Hello! Had a look around but can't find the answer to this question...

I use a MacBook Pro with Sibelius. When I am at home I use an external keyboard and have the function keys assigned to various tasks - sometimes with modifiers (shift+F4 etc)

When I travel it would be great to create a set of icons to make full use of the touch bar's capabilities.

  • Does BTT override the function keys on an external keyboard? i.e. would my external keyboard function keys still work with it installed?
  • Can I simply assign the function keys to buttons in BTT to retain the functionality I have? i.e.: Make a button for F5 and assign an icon to it? (As the shortcut / macro is contained within Sibelius)
  • If I have a shortcut assigned to alt+F6 for example, will the icons change when I press the alt key to show the icon I have associated with that combination?

Hope that makes sense - thanks for your help