Using a lifetime license on multiple Macs

I've purchased a lifetime license for BTT, which is licensed to me(my name), as it says on my "about" page on my BTT app.

So I'm assuming that means that it's a personal license instead of a "per seat" license?
(Don't know how to confirm)
And that I can use this license on multiple Macs that I own?

I'm about to get a new Mac so I'm wondering about this.
When I do get the new Mac, should I just click on the same activation link I used for the BTT copy on my current Mac?
How many Macs can I apply my license to in total?
Would the settings be synced for all the Macs I use this license on or would I need to reenter them?

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I have the same question. In my case, it is just multiple accounts in same MAC.

One is personal account and another is Work account (both share same Apple ID's for apps etc). So, is it possible to use the same lifetime license in both these accounts?

My work account will be disabled shortly anyway.

Yes, you can use a license on all machines where you are the main user. Just use the same activation link / license file for all accounts / machines. It does not matter whether it's a personal or work account .

@Andreas_Hegenberg i have the problem, that bett is disabled after switching user (on the same mac). user switching on same mac - #3 by klausbreyer

I am using the same license, I think that this should be possible. Or do I need to purchase a second one?