Use native Touch Bar pressets for apps




I really like BTT and its flexibility, but sometimes it would be great to have widget "Current app touchbar".
For example, telegram app now have nice touchbar buttons and I want to reuse them in BTT, but not changing the whole touchbar, only app specific area and leave global actions visible


Aahh how I wish this could be but big dev @Andreas_Hegenberg can’t do this because of system limitations...

Sorry about that!


You can get most of the way there already. Add the application you want to use the native touchbar for into the left sidebar in the BTT preferences, then select it and click on App Specific -> Touch Bar Behaviour -> Show App Default Touch Bar. Your custom touch bar will then disappear when that app is active, showing just the native touch bar. As soon as that app becomes inactive, it's back to your custom touch bar.

This is so close to what I want, I'm actually considering reconfiguring my custom touchbar setup to accommodate having the system control strip active all the time...


Easily doable exactly as you requested! You can create a button with Predefined Action: Toggle BetterTouchTool. Then in the control strip there should be a BTT icon, which you can press to return to your full customised touchbar.


I am using the control modificator to hide BTT touchbar.


His main point here is to ADD BTT triggers to the macOS set, in the same screen/not switching views just to reiterate.