Use Magic Mouse's 'Secondary Click' As A Trigger?

Is there any way to use the Magic Mouse's "secondary click" as a trigger?

By "secondary click" I mean this one:

The nearest I can find is the "one finger tap right" trigger:

But is there a way to use the actual "secondary click" as a trigger?

Hi, I've explored this in the past (I converted all my standard mouse clicks to mouse taps for a softer feel, so I was looking to use the 1 finger clicks for other actions), and the closest I've found is using a 1 Finger Middle Mouse Click, rather than right click. Obviously not quite what you're going for, but the closest I've found. Hopefully others will have better ideas.

This triggers a normal right-click and BTT currently can not distinguish from what kind of mouse that is coming.

You can however configure a right click with some modifier key in the normal mouse settings in BTT:

However this always needs an additional modifier key.

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