USB device keeps disconnecting...

Hi all,
I have been happily using Bettertouchtool for months perhaps years (time flies!) with my MacBook Pro. However, last week after doing a BTT update, I starting getting occasional notifications that a usb device kept disconnecting. At the same time I noticed that I was often having to click multiple times for the click to be registered, which got very annoying. So I googled this error and saw advice that the usb hub might be an issue. With that in mind I ordered a new usb hub which I installed a couple of days ago. Unfortunately this has not fixed the issue. I also have a bluetooth trackpad which is working fine.

This issue has rendered BTT unusable for me, which is a great shame as I use it primarily with Cubase and it is a massive time saver. When I use the MacBook Pro on it's own, everything works fine.

Are there any suggest fixes for this?

The multi-click issue is definitely related to this message. To fix this you need to figure out which device is causing the disconnects. Maybe one of your devices doesn't get enough power (this often causes disconnects) ?