Usage stats in the new UI

I think the new UI is a great improvement over the old UI, which was good enough already.

Sorry if this has been addressed before, but is there a way to access usage stats in the new UI? I liked looking in there to see how often I had relied on BTT. I know I can still access it in the old UI for now, but wondering about its fate.

it's available trough the main menu, view -> usage information

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Ah, there it is. Thanks!

My usage chart seems a little inexplicable

Few other issues:
*readability of the date
*usability of the x-axis function, needs a bit of refinement
*y-axis fixed when moving beyond range that its max might have been relevant to (probably not an issue if the usage data was correct)

Do you maybe have a keyboard shortcut that triggers itself in an endless loop? :smiley: (has BTT been freezing lately?)

I see the date in x-axis is truncated too for me.