Upgrading deletes all my work...

Ugh. The only reason I'm not furious right now is because I was able to restore all my work from my daily backup.

I see that others have had this problem too.

This is an instant way to turn a loyal and happy customer into an angry ex-customer. You really gotta find this bug and fix it ASAP.

So... I paid for an upgrade, but want to wait until there is fix.

Yes, I did try replacing the ~/LIbrary/Application Settings/BetterTouchTool folder from my backup, but nothing shows up.

Please help

most likely you tried a newer version previously but then downgraded again, is that possible? In that case BTT will currently use the configuration created with the newer version - even if it’s empty and the one created with the old version is not empty. This will be improved with a future BTT release.

Apart from that I'm not aware of any specific upgrade issues, there are many upgrades every hour.

To be safe BTT also creates an automatic backup before upgrading, you can restore that via Help -> Restore backup.

You can also export your current setup via the presets menu to a file and then reimport it using the presets menu again.

Does that help?

@Andreas_Hegenberg Wow that's cool!
I didn't realize BTT had extra options in global menu, that's new to me :slight_smile: would it make sense to bring that to the main UI or Settings window?

To backups, is there any control on when those backups are made? I would like to manually make them when I do major changes to the config. Do they work as checkpoints?
It might be also useful for migrations. The way I currently do it is by copying the BTT's App Support folder.

I understand that it might be not a priority work right now - just adding that to the common UI should raise the user's awareness that backups exist.

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