Updating variables of a Custom View plugin

I made a Custom View plugin and loaded it to BTT. The plugin has a few fields. If I change a field in BTT, the plugin updates its view on the touch bar, so everything works.

Is it possible to set those plugin fields with AppleScript?

If I copy the json of my plugin widget (in old UI), I see my variables:
"BTTTriggerConfig" : {
"plugin_var_info_text_bw" : "31 GB",

I then tried:
tell application "BetterTouchTool"
update_trigger "UUID" json "{"BTTTriggerConfig" : {"plugin_var_info_text_bw" : "55 GB"}}"
end tell

But the variable does not get updated visually or in this json. Any ideas?

Good point. Currently the plugin vars are not covered by the update_trigger function, but I can easily add that. I'll upload a new alpha later today.

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The 3.202 alpha should allow to do this (currently uploading, will be available in 10 minutes)

It works. Fastest feature request completion in the West.