update_trigger changes uuid

I'm creating new triggers in python using add_new_trigger and storing the returned uuid as a variable, changing appearance, scripted actions, etc later using update_trigger with the stored, associated uuid. update_trigger, though, trashes the uuid, replacing it with. a new one. I can easily enough store a new variable but I can see myself ending up with a lot of unused junk variables unless I can delete the old variable.

so my question is, is there a scriptable way to delete existing variables?


Except that storing the updated uuid can't be done because update_trigger doesn't return a uuid. Any thoughts?

update_trigger should not change the uuid, are you sure this is happening?

As sure as I can be right now, but not always, as far as I can tell.

This is all buried in a bunch of python classes. Let me unravel this into something a bit more basic and I'll get back to you. Might be tomorrow now.

OK, I have it. I was inadverntly including a uuid value in the BTTUUID parameter of add_new_trigger - copied from another trigger as a template. It seems that if you do this it returns the uuid you've given it rather than the uuid it creates for the new trigger. I was checking the copied uuid against the incorrect one returned by add_new_trigger and drawing the wrong conclusion.