Unwanted system sounds

hi there. new user. i've just started setting up some shortcuts using my function keys. i have one to open the calculator and another to start my screensaver. whenever i hit the appropriate key, i get the system alert sound. i definitely don't have those keys set up to do anything else.
i used the "key sequence configuration" to "launch calculator.app" and "start screensaver". couldn't be simpler. i'd like to get rid of those sounds if possible (without disdabling all my system sounds). any ideas what might be causing it? i can't find anything in the BTT prefs about it.

i'm on mojave 10.14.6

many thanks!

key sequences still send the keys you hit to the system, if you don’t want that you need to use the shortcut functionality in BTT

yes, i think the system still thinks the function key is unassigned. i'll try a different approach

ok i tried setting up an automator quick action to open the calculator. i then created a keyboard shortcut for it and assigned the F key to that shortcut in BTT. still the same system sound. any advice please?

can you post a screenshot of your setup in BTT?

here you go. all these make the unwanted system sound. i have other function keys assigned to things directly in keybaord shortcuts in system prefs. those don't make a sound.

that’s what I meant to say in my previous comment. You can’t use key sequences if you don’t want the keys to go through to the system. They are for other use cases.

Instead switch to the keyboard shortcuts section in BTT and record the shortcuts there.

right, gotcha. thanks for the help!

all working perfectly now.

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