Unresolved/Ignored - Cannot Import Settings

It seems the this question/issue has been presented and ignored for the most part. Many people have been told to export and import the settings but many people seem to be having the same issue with no resolve. I've tried exporting settings and re-importing to a new machine and also taking the backup folder. Can ANYONE give step by step on how to export/import settings so we don't have to reconfigure the wheel with new scripts for what should be a simple export?

Also, my two cents, not happy about the sellout...when I bought BTT I paid for an "alway free" software, but now that he sold out, I'm unhappy to know in 2020 its worthless unless I pay again. Way to sell out your supporters for a few bucks!

You never bought an "always free software". The "two year updates included" was always there. (If you don't believe that - look at archives from web.archive.org). However indeed the last version you received during your update period will work forever with your license, it just won't receive updates anymore after the date shown in the about screen.

https://web.archive.org/web/20160112004300/http://www.boastr.net:80/btt-paid-faq/ (see “Will updates be free forever? Or will there be paid updates?”).

https://web.archive.org/web/20160124083605/http://www.boastr.net:80/buy/ (see Updates & Upgrades). It was not possible to purchase without acknowledging this page.

So far I have not had a reproducable import/export fail, basically you just need to click the "Manage Presets" button, then select the preset you want to export and click export.
If for some reason that should not work for you, you can also just copy the complete BetterTouchTool settings folder: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool and move it to the same location on your other machine (~ is your user folder, Library is hidden by default in Finder).

That still isn't working. Same versions (2.728-1038) on both machines. Export, import, restart still not working. Back up folder and restart doesn't work either. Just because you can't recreate it doesn't mean its not a problem. Try actually doing it between two different computers on different software platforms instead of an emulator. Quit being a coder and think like a consumer and make it easy for us "peons" as you probably call us.

Uh please stop posting stupid assumptions. I have three Macs sitting in front of me - just to do the basic testing and there is no such thing as an emulator that runs BTT.

If you can reproduce the issue, please go to the about screen and click the "Export Debug Information" button. This will create a folder called BetterTouchToolDebug that you can send to andreas@folivora.ai (it contains logs and your setup which may help me reproduce the issue)