Typing suggestions

Is that some way to get the
Typing correction/suggestions as apple default in the touch bar
With better touch bar tool


This is such a common request, I wonder if it would be worth implementing your own predictive text widget @Andreas_Hegenberg? I can imagine there are existing libraries that may allow you to do this sort of thing without having to start from scratch... it doesn't have to be as good as Apple's, but if it was pretty good and could also offer emoji suggestions based on keywords then I think you'd be striking gold.

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I solved this by disabling BTT when pressing ctrl and alt

I probably won't be implementing my own predictive text widget, even if there are libraries this is really complicated still and would probably be a multi-month project for a separate app :slight_smile:

How did you do this?

BTT → Settings → General → Disable BetterTouchTool while holding