Two Tab Switches

Hey Guys,

I just got the mbp pro 2019 13" with touch bar. I restored a time machine back up that never had BTT installed on it before. Last night I discovered BTT and tried to set up some simple gestures - something to go to next and previous tab on google chrome (and for other apps as well).

This is the set up:

Everything worked fine when I set it up. A few hours later it stopped working and instead of switching to the next tab, it switches to the next two tabs. Same for previous tab, it switches to two tabs back. Has being happening on chrome, finder and iTerm.

I tried restarting BTT and it works for a few seconds but the issue comes back and it starts to happen again.

Just for reference, the gestures are using the trackpad. It's using mojave version: 10.14.5 (18F132)

I am using the trial version of BTT and it's on version 3.172

Would appreciate the help, thanks ^^