Two profiles for different mouse

Are there any options in BTT to add separate profiles for two mouse?
I use Razer for work, and Magic Mouse 2 for entertaiment, is it possible to configure different profiles with mouse speed?
Now I need to change mouse speed every time I connect Magic Mouse,

+1, really need this feature.

Currently, though BTT has a profile management, it seems that only gestures are managed.
The mouse speed shares a global settings.

I have two mice one in work office and another in home. I need to switch speed settings every morning and night.


I'm actually surprised in 2022 this isn't a feature! We need this. Each mouse should have its own speed profile. I use a spare windows mouse for CAD sometimes and it is far more sensitive than Magic Mouse 2. Each one needs it's own speed profile, and I saw another post requesting split scrolling speeds.

Perhaps there's some OS level restriction on implementing this?