Trying to create time-based, app-specific shortcut adjustment


I'm trying to create a modifier adjustment during certain times in a specific app, so that after 5pm, a common shortcut for me (cmd + key) changes to (cmd + shift + key). I created a Time-based trigger for certain hours, which has "Trigger only while holding these keys:" set with "cmd" checked. The action triggered is to press shift down for 2 seconds, then shift up.

Here's the problem: I built all this under a specific app in BTT, but I'm having a problem where the trigger is firing globally on my computer, not just in that specific app. Is there a way to make is so this time-based trigger is only firing in the one app, or somehow dose time-matching override the app and make it work everywhere?

Appreciate any help.

Is there a better way to enact a modifier adjustment only during certain times? Seems like the cron system in the time-based thing is a bit wonky for this purpose since it's essentially triggering every second that cmd is held down. I really want an "if [time is x]" condition for a shortcut modifier.