Trouble controlling sound with 2-finger swip on TouchBar

I have configured BTT to use a 2-finger left or right swipe on the TouchBar to raise or lower the volume. And it works EXCEPT BTT switches back to the default Apple Catalina Touchbar all by itself and now I switch to an app streaming a really loud video and I have lost control of the volume.

There is no way I've found to prevent this switching or to add a button to the default TouchBar to switch to BTT. The only thing that works is to relaunch BTT or switch to BTT if it is running and that makes the two finger swipe respond as expected.

Then as I have gotten more and more frustrated at my lack of knowledge keeping be from taking full advantage of BTT with AquaTouch 3.6,5, I tried adding three finger swipe up and swipe down to control system volume using the tack pad. That does work either.|

Can anyone offer some help or suggestions. I think everything would work if I could prevent TouchBar and AquaTouch from unloading and switching back to the Apple default toolbar set on TouchBar by intself.