triggers' shortcuts overlapping and unable to locate 1 trigger

So I learned earlier that if you have 2 triggers that have the same shortcut key, there is a glitch in at least triggers that contain the "paste clipboard item" action. Right now, when I enter a shortcut key of a trigger, it does not work, and it appears to share the same shortcut key as another trigger.

However, I can't find the other trigger. Interestingly, when I simply change the shortcut key pattern for the trigger that I want to activate, the other trigger's name still appears to be chooseable (as if it also changed to the same shortcut key). I dont know how to resolve this. I've search my entire library 3 times and it's not there, changing the trigger shortcut doesn't work, and the search field can't find it. The name of the second trigger, is actually, "Delay next action by 0.10 seconds", which tells me that there is a trigger that has 1 action in it that shares the name. How can I resolve this?