Triggers based on which app the mouse is over

Especially in the case of Clicking the Red, Orange and Green buttons on title bar triggers, I expect the actions that trigger to be specific to the app i clicked on, not the application that was active before i clicked on it.
But other examples i expect to trigger based on what the mouse is over rather than the active applications exist. One example is scroll up and down triggers which normally follow the mouse position.

I would like it if I could select which specific triggers are based mouse position or active application.

Interestingly i tried using the action to activate the program under the cursor and then activating a named trigger, but it ran the actions from the previously active application and not the one switched to. I'm not sure if that is considered a bug or not.

This strange behaviour made me think maybe an easy way to accomplish this request and much more is to add a configuration under the "Trigger Named Trigger" to decide which application actions should run.

The user would choose either:

  • Continue in the same application group
  • Switch to the Current application group
  • Switch to the application group of the window under the mouse cursor

This way you can start triggers for the application under the cursor or under a new application through another trigger.