Trigger right command key (as an assigned action)

I'm trying to trigger the right command key in a specific app using a keyboard shortcut. I know that it's possible to alter between left and right command key as input, but I can't find a way to trigger specific the right command key when pressing control + § for example. Is this possible?

let me ask you, do you mean 1) or 2) ?

  1. press "right command" result "control + §" (that is possible)
  2. press "control + §" result "right command" (don't know)

Option 2. So I press "control + §" (shortcut) which results in the right command key (assigned action) being used in a specific app. There must be a way right? :sweat_smile:

If you assigned an action to "press right command" why don't you just press this key?

Well that's not possible. So I create a shortcut, "control + §" and for the assigned action I choose "send keyboard shortcut", if I press the right command key + 1 for example, it shows the command key in general, left or right. There is not distinction between the right or left command key. It really needs to the trigger only the right command key.

Mmm, have you seen the predefined action in BTT: press an hold Command / or release Command?
but, I'm afraid, it doesn't differentiate between left and right Command.

Yeah, no differentiate between left or right Command key. Any other suggestions?

BTT can not do this at the moment, sorry! macOS usually doesn't differentiate between left and right cmd (although it's possible) thus the APIs do not allow to send the right cmd command out of the box. Possibly tools like Karabiner Elements can do this, as they integrate deeper into the system and have more control over the keyboard.

Got it, thanks Andreas!

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