Trigger on right option-key?

is there an option to set a trigger to the right option key without the need of another key?

yes, you can use the key sequences feature for this

it works fine now but my wish was to get back a key to perform a right mouse click.
just now the click get's executed on current mouse-pointer position
do I have another option? (windows executes this action on current curser position when I use that key..)
or is it possible to perform a mouse-move to current curser-position before?

Do you mean when the cursor is in a text? And that's where you want to click?

As far as I know, these cursor things are complicated. Maybe an action sequence like this works.

  1. Paste (where the cursor is) a character that is normally not on your screen, something like an icon.
  2. search for this icon and move the mouse there.
  3. delete the icon (⌘z)
  4. click

Delays may be necessary.

I hope I haven't completely misunderstood you :slight_smile:

thanks, just mostly I mean the currently selected file in Finder etc..
as I see Windows uses the virtual key-code VK_RBUTTON in this case and executes a right click at current cursor-position or selected element in lists / grids.
so if BTT could send this key code it may would work already in windows-apps (parallels or rdp)

in general this is not possible on macOS - at least not in a generic way.

For some (or even many) apps it might work using the predefined action "show context menu for selected item".
For some other apps (e.g. Xcode) it might work to use the predefined action "move mouse to position" and set it to move to the current text cursor position (only few apps support this though)

simulating SHIFT+F10 on right option-key does the Job in Windows Apps :smiley:

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