Trigger Magic Mouse Touchpad On/Off via Key sequence

I would like to trigger the pre-defined BTT action Magic Mouse Touchpad Mode On/Off (MMTM) by using a key-sequence as the trigger. However, it appears that MMTM is not an available option in the key-sequence action menu.

More specifically , I would like to toggle the MMTM on whenever a certain modifier key is held down--that is, pressing the modifier key will toggle MMTM on, releasing the modifier key will toggle MMTM off.

In the absence of the necessary MMTM option within the drop-down menu of the key-sequence actions, I considered scripting a named trigger via Apple Script--however, I do not know know what the pre-defined trigger call is for the MMTM.

Any help would be appreciated--assuming it is possible to do what I intend.

Otherwise, fantastic tool all around.