Trigger keyboard shortcut through URL/webserver?

Hi everybody

Im trying to figure out how I can use BTT to connect/disconnect bluetooth headset from my android phone, and it sounds like I should be able to do this through the custom URL scheme of http request (i dont really understand the difference), right?

But I cant figure out how to set it up:( I've enable the webserver of course, and im trying to follow the instructions in the documentations. I have a global shortcut for CMD + J set up. Should i use the "trigger_action" method? And is so, which part of the jason should I use? And is it correctly understood that I should just be able to insert the URL into the browser on my phone?

I hope someone can help a noob out:(

Just create a named trigger in the "Named & Other Triggers" section in BTT and assign the bluetooth connect/disconnect actions
Then call the url

(of course replace the IP, Port and YourTriggerName)

Thanks a lot!! That worked on my mac! But when I try and call the url on my phone it doesn't work? They're on the same network. I should replace the IP mentioned here with my macs IP, correct?

By default the webserver only listens on, so preventing any connections from outside your computer.

You can set it to listen on your Mac's local network ip here:

Its working! Thank you so much for your help!

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