Trigger different actions on multiple presses of the same shortcut

It would be great if you could setup multiple actions for the same shortcut. For example:

CMD+SHIFT+RIGHT: Maximize to right two thirds
CMD+SHIFT+RIGHT: Maximize to right half
CMD+SHIFT+RIGHT: Maximize to right one third
... cycle to first...

I love to quickly set a window to a certain size of the screen. But now I have to use different shortcuts for every size, if you could cycle through it would be awesome.

Same here. I often use a grid of 3 by 2 windows or 2 by 2 and switching between them is not that easy.

This would be extremely useful for "toggle" actions. For example, a single button that could cycle between ["Show Hidden Files", "Hide Hidden Files"] in Finder. This would make more logical sense than two separate buttons, as repeating the same command does nothing.

You could make a toggle switch with applescript and BTT variables.

So far for me, my toggle switchs are working pretty well over at AquaTiuch

I’m not using a three-function toggle, but here’s how it would look like in pseudocode:

start script

(makes the variable and sets it if it doesn’t exist)
if ThisTriggerState is missing value
set persistent BTT variable “ThisTriggerState” to 1
end if

if state is 1
do named trigger 1
set “ThisTriggerState” to 2

else if state is 2
do named trigger 2
set “ThisTriggerState” to 3

else if state is 3
do named trigger 3
set “ThisTriggerState” to 1

end if
end script

Yes. This would be so useful. I needed this to take my cursor to different monitors using the same command

This hack worked. Thank you so much

Does anyone have an example action for this? I like to do exactly what the topic describes, but I don't really get how to run a trigger based on its name.

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