Trigger Context Menu Item not working.


So i'm trying to get a couple of Context Menu TB buttons but they aren't working.

I'm fairly sure this is either a bug or a limitation because setup is obviously super simple.

Here are examples of two separate triggers I can't get working:

Trigger Context Menu Item > Share; AirDrop

Trigger Context Menu Item > Services; "Service_Name"

Anyway, any help / clarification will be appreciated.

Thank you

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg, I figured out what's causing this. Trigger Context Menu items are not working when used with TB Modifier Based Visibility.

ah that is possible, some menu items behave differently if a modifier key is pressed ;-(

So not fixable? :slightly_frowning_face:

I'm not able to get even "Get Info" to work.

does it work if you manually click the menu item while holding the modifier key?

Ah, ok, so here's the thing - right click itself doen't work when pressing down CMD. The context menu doesn't open up.

If I first bring up the context menu and THEN hold down CMD and select an item, everything works perfectly.

i’ll to add a workaround for this, I think it should be fixable but I need to run some tests

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Awesome, thanks Andreas :slight_smile:

Meh, unfortunately macOS is more stubborn than I thought and my tricks to override the currently pressed key on the keyboard is being ignored ;-( Thus it might really not fixable currently.

Maybe you can switch your menu to use ctrl instead of cmd? Or maybe you can trigger the necessary functionality with the "trigger menubar menu item" action instead?

Ahhh. Well, thanks for trying! :slight_smile:

I can't switch it to the other modifiers, unfortunately. Also, though the share menu isn't available from the finder menubar, I'll keep this solution in mind for other situations.