trigger a shortcut cmd+number

Probably because it's a Btt shortcut I'm not able to trigger one like cmd+0 or others numbers.
Is there a way to solve?

Mh this seems to be working fine here:

Which version of macOS / BTT are you on?

I'm trying to midi trigger this kind of shortcut.
I first click on "click to record shortcut" and when I try to type the shortcut, cmd+7 for example, it brings me to the to the sire remote page.
Where is my mistake?

That's weird. Does BTT have the permissions in System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Acessibility?

Ok solved, I add it to acessibility again. I did it before with the free version, maybe it should do it again with the full version.
Thanks...great support here :slight_smile:

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