Trial installation, apparently not working

apologies for wide distribution, and for the basic question (pls refer me to appropriate support contact if applicable),
I've installed the trial version for one simple purpose: I have a new MacBook Pro with the dreaded keyboard, I'm using a BT Magic Keyboard as a workaround, but need something to disable the trackpad while I'm typing.
I thought the settings "Disable trackpad gestures after hitting a keyboard key", and "Reenable trackpad gestures only after touching center area".

It doesn't do either, however. I've tried typing and moving the trackpad right after, and it is not prevented.
Am I overlooking some configuration?

Sorry, this is not what this function does. It only affects BTT trackpad gestures - not system gestures and also not the normal touch input. This is currently not possible using BetterTouchTool (and may never be, because it would probably require deeper system integration)