Trackpad triggers stop working, they only work when BTT is open on screen. Everything else keeps working even with BTT closed (running as just a menu bar icon)

I've run the latest update after paying $10, but it hasn't fixed the issue. Would reinstalling the entire app resolve the issue?

ISSUE: The trackpad functions like Force Click, 1-finger, 3-finger, and tapping only work when BetterTouchTool is open, with the configuration window visible on my screen. Even after closing BTT, these functions work for a short time, but then they stop working. However, triggers like keyboard hotkeys continue to work. It appears that BTT loses trackpad monitoring after some time of running.

I'm currently using the latest version of macOS on a MacBook with an M1 ARM CPU. I also have the latest version of BTT installed. I need some troubleshooting steps to improve the trackpad integration. I have already disabled all trackpad functions in the default Mac settings, such as the three-finger tap for definitions. I have turned that off. I have checked the accessibility options, but there doesn't seem to be any trackpad-related settings there. I can't find anything else that could potentially interfere with the trackpad integration like this.

I did clear out a lot of startup items from MaxOS...I have tried the "Reset All..." option and it popped up an Helper installer dialog. Things did not improve tho. The trigger stops working very quickly after closing BTT. It's still running in the menu so I dont get it.